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Chamaram (1980) - Malayalam Movie Review

Chamaram Zarina Wahab
Chamaram directed by Bharathan portrays the love life of a College Teacher (Zarina Wahab) and shows how all her loved ones desert her. Indhu is the daughter of a widowed rural father and is in love with Balettan (Rathesh). She moves to the city as she gets a job as a Lecturer and Balettan frequently visits her in the hostel. One of her students Vinoth (Prathap K. Pothan) falls in love with her and tries to impress her. But when he proposes to his teacher, she tells him about her relationship with Balettan and that she is going to marry him over the college break. Vinoth acknowledges this fact but tells her that he still loves her and leaves sadly. When Indhu returns to her home she is shocked to know that Balettan is married to another girl due to a confrontation with her father. Her father did not like Balettan from the beginning and he has also developed a relationship with another woman in the neighbourhood. Dejected by her own misery she returns to college and finds Vinoth coming to her emotional rescue. She spends a night with him and they both decide to marry soon. In the meanwhile Vinoth had enmity with one of his college mates and they develop a quarrel on the night of college day celebrations. The story has a final twist as Vinoth is chased by his rival and Indhu by her own destiny.

 The beautiful Zarina has conveyed her character elegantly and has scored on both charm and emotions. Prathap Pothan has also come up with a clean performance. Nedumudi Venu playing the role of Student and Church Father has contributed to the occasional humor and a realistic touch to the movie. The heartwarming background music deserves special mention and the opening song "Nadha Nee Varum" is pleasing to the eyes and ears.

Chamaram (1980) on IMDb

Saturday, September 25, 2010

How to find Service Number for TNEB Chennai Online Bill Payment?


You can now pay your electricity bills through the Tamilnadu Electricity Bill Payment Gateway. I had some confusion with the service number (aka consumer number) while registering in the portal. I thought I could share with you all how I managed to complete the registration.

The first time you enter the wrong invalid service number, the below error message will be displayed

TNEB Error Invalid Service No / Region
All you need is a little patience and check if you have selected the proper region from the drop-down menu.

TNEB Chennai Region Select Online Bill Payment
The first three characters of the service/consumer number is the section code that denotes your locality. You will find the code for your locality at the What is my Region? link at the TNEB Payment Gateway home page (also see useful links below). This will help you correlate the service number written on your white color EB Meter card or printed on previous payment receipts.

TNEB White Meter Card Consumer Number Service Number
Now type in the exact service number in the service no textbox and if it is valid you will get the below message and also the consumer name and address will get auto-populated

Chennai Electricity Online Bill Pay
Useful Links:

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Madharasapattinam - Tamil Film Review

Madharasapattinam Amy Jackson AryaI went to the movie Madharasapattinam with the expectations of an art film or a historic film but realized at the end of the movie that it was indeed a dainty love story. Set in pre-independent India, the plot has very little to do with India's freedom fight but basically tells us a tale of love between a British woman (Amy Jackson) and an Indian man (Aarya) as they struggle for their own freedom from the demons of the society. One should say that the film crew have succeeded big time in bringing the Madras of the 1940's back to life with compelling backdrops and nostalgic captures of ancient Chennai's lifestyle. Think we can pay no heed to the authenticity of the images or events portrayed in this film but simply enjoy the different experience of a romantic trip to the good old Madharasapattinam. The beautiful Amy Jackson has displayed a great deal of maturity in her acting and keeps us engaged in her charismatic screen presence. With Amy stealing the show, Aarya lends the perfect balance to the script with a clean show of fearless attitude and sporadic humor but one gets a feeling that he could have been more expressive in his rendering of romance. It was also good to see the late Hanifa, Nassar, Bala singh and M.S. Bhaskar all in one place.

The opening song "Meghame meghame" deserves a special mention not for its musical composition but for the awe-inspiring voice of MSV in the song. It was absolute magic to hear Melisai Mannar's voice in modern stereo sound systems. "Pookal pookum" and "Vaama Dhuraiyamma" have a pleasing effect on the ear drums. The movie did dip and stagnate at times but its worth a trip to Madharasapattinam for a special experience.

Madras Town (2010) on IMDb

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya - Tamil Film Review

VinnaiThandi Varuvaaya Simbu Trisha SareeVinnai Thandi Varuvaaya is a subtle romantic movie with a throbbing thesis underneath. Vinnai Thandi Varuvaaya is a film about the love between a Hindu boy (Karthik) and a Christian girl (Jessy) who is 1 year elder than the boy. Karthik who wants to be a film director falls in love with Jessy who is a software employee. Jessy is unwilling in the beginning but later accepts his love. Their love travels through the twists and turns of the conventional social impediments in both the families. Karthik is passionate about his love but Jessy is susceptible to her own premonitory fears. The battle between Karthik's resolve and Jessy's bewilderment comes to a stalemate setting up a vacillating journey towards a melancholic finish.

Trisha impresses with her graceful appearance and has delivered a neat performance. Simbu is lucid in his acting and carries a poignant flavor in his character. ARR's music is good and the camera work is commendable but the choreography was a bit predictable. On the whole Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya is a feel good movie that leaves us with a burden of grief deep inside.

Will You Cross the Skies for Me? (2010) on IMDb                                                         

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Beware of Phishing

Phishing is an online fraud where you will get fake emails asking you to disclose your credentials. Most often you will be redirected to a fake website on which you will be asked to enter important information like email ids, passwords, bank account numbers, credit/debit card numbers, etc. The fake website will be designed skillfully that it is not possible for an average customer to spot the difference. There has been an increase in phishing scams in recent years. Some banks have fallen prey to the nuisance of phishing. Recently microsoft's hotmail accounts were hacked and the passwords were published publicly on the internet. The victims had been asked to login to a fake page and their credentials were stolen. There are instances where even income tax department websites are feigned by hackers and fake emails being sent to tax payers to login. It is always a good practice to keep changing passwords of important accounts often and not responding to unsolicited and anonymous emails claiming that you have won prizes or anything related to money transfer.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Why speak on the mobile while you drive?

Attending a call on your cell phone while you are driving is a cardinal sin you cannot afford. I have seen people talk in their mobile phone while driving a bike, car or bus. People don't care to stop their vehicle and then pick up the phone while on the move. Very few of us are good at multitasking and it is foolish to drive and speak on the phone at the same time. The brain cannot handle too many things at a time and you might end up in an accident for this silly mistake. Don't take a such a huge risk in your life with such a simple phone call. Please stop along your way and then attend the call.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Godfather 1 - Movie Review

The Godfather is an acting festival with the likes of Marlon Brando and Al Pacino stealing the show under the direction of Francis Ford Coppola. The film is highly acclaimed by critics and public alike which makes it one of the greatest films ever. Marlon Brando sizzles as Don Vito Corleone and his on screen presence adds beauty to the script with the panache of a true mafia leader. The character Michael Corleone was neatly sculpted and played with passion and craft by Al Pacino. The Godfather is a visual delight to watch Mario Puzzo's work on screen. James Caan too deserves praise for his resplendent performance. The film is slow yet absorbing with the plot revolving around one of the mafia families. The story attempts to pack in all the mundane family issues amid the blood shed and business battles. The background score is pleasing to the ears and some of the backdrops in the film are really dazzling. For a seventies film you couldn't have asked for more in terms of technology and cinematic maneuvers.

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