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Chamaram (1980) - Malayalam Movie Review

Chamaram Zarina Wahab
Chamaram directed by Bharathan portrays the love life of a College Teacher (Zarina Wahab) and shows how all her loved ones desert her. Indhu is the daughter of a widowed rural father and is in love with Balettan (Rathesh). She moves to the city as she gets a job as a Lecturer and Balettan frequently visits her in the hostel. One of her students Vinoth (Prathap K. Pothan) falls in love with her and tries to impress her. But when he proposes to his teacher, she tells him about her relationship with Balettan and that she is going to marry him over the college break. Vinoth acknowledges this fact but tells her that he still loves her and leaves sadly. When Indhu returns to her home she is shocked to know that Balettan is married to another girl due to a confrontation with her father. Her father did not like Balettan from the beginning and he has also developed a relationship with another woman in the neighbourhood. Dejected by her own misery she returns to college and finds Vinoth coming to her emotional rescue. She spends a night with him and they both decide to marry soon. In the meanwhile Vinoth had enmity with one of his college mates and they develop a quarrel on the night of college day celebrations. The story has a final twist as Vinoth is chased by his rival and Indhu by her own destiny.

 The beautiful Zarina has conveyed her character elegantly and has scored on both charm and emotions. Prathap Pothan has also come up with a clean performance. Nedumudi Venu playing the role of Student and Church Father has contributed to the occasional humor and a realistic touch to the movie. The heartwarming background music deserves special mention and the opening song "Nadha Nee Varum" is pleasing to the eyes and ears.

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