Sunday, July 12, 2009

Where are the monsoons?

The last three months were really hot and the high temperatures just refuse to go away. I'm eagerly awaiting rain which is just not happening. Water scarcity is already wrecking havoc in the city and people living on flats and apartments are shelling out more for water. Adding fuel to the fire are the power cuts. For some reason there are frequent power cuts of longer durations in the suburban areas. Last year there was healthy rainfall but this year there are no indications of any rain yet. Both the corporate world as well as the domestic sector will struggle with water scarcity. The number of industries in the city has gone up in recent years and the demand for water has increased multifold since then. May be the impact of destroying forests and trees is showing up. The global climate change is not what we wanted but for sure it is giving us a hard time. Just pray for rain!

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