Tuesday, April 21, 2009

City life never the same

Life in the city has changed a lot. It is never the same old city with less traffic, limited population and superfluous beauty. More and more people are migrating from villages in to the city and this has resulted in congestion and starving for resources. The city limit keeps on expanding and the traffic never ceases. Whenever I see an old film it makes me nostalgic and I always wished I were born in the early seventies and I enjoyed the eighties as a teenager. But the city experienced a vast amount of changes as I grew up and now everything seems misplaced and out of order. The government never cares and the people never realize what they really need. Life in the city in a highly polluted and congested environment is not worth living for at least in my book. Many of us might think the same way but money is the driving force behind all these changes. You never get enough of money and we all keep chasing it till the end. When we look back during old age you will find that you have lost a lot of experiences in the process. Life in the countryside wouldn't have been luxurious but definitely it would have at least been peaceful. But who cares?

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