Friday, March 20, 2009

Absolute Zero BBC documentary

Yesterday I saw this BBC documentary regarding the travel towards absolute zero. I have come across this word several times in my physics textbook but never understood the real meaning behind it. After watching this documentary many things became vivid. The portrayal was gripping and it gave me goose bumps when I learned about many great scientists who tried to conquer absolute zero. The refrigeration process explained was amazing and I never expected that ice had such a wonderful history. Every student must see this documentary to understand the finer aspects of thermodynamics and heat engineering. At the end of the documentary I felt petrified by the sheer power of science.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Trojan Horse Generic Virus solution

For the past few days my computer was infected with Trojan Horse generic.bmrk and I didn't know what to do. I use AVG antivirus but it did little to tame the culprit and every time I switched on the modem I got the display message that Trojan horse was found. I tried for help in several forums and was surprised to find that many others also faced problems similar to me. The antivirus softwares were ineffective against Trojan. At last I decided to download malwarebytes and installed it in my computer. On launch of the application I did a quick scan and it showed all the infections perfectly. I removed the Trojan from my computer with the help of malwarebytes.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Global warming perplexing scientists

A new study has indicated recession in the warming pattern of our environment. After a period of steady increase in global temperature recently there seems to be a flat trend in temperature rise. The cause for this global cooling effect is unknown and also whether it is a natural process or a human induced happening. Several opinions have propped up in this regard. Some say that the oceans are sucking in the heat to deeper beneath. The increase in tropical clouds reflecting sun's energy might be the other possible reason. For the time being this slow down in global warming is speculative.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Make the iphone your fitness aid

Gone are the days when phones are used only for speaking. This is the era of smart phones and the gap between the computer and a mobile phone is closing steadily. Apple's sensational iphone has allured software developers and many useful applications have come up recently. Now you can use your iphone to track your health and calibrate your fitness. Technology firm iTMP has built a module called SM Heart Link that will enable your iphone to communicate with body area sensor networks to report your performance in real time. The data can be stored or sent to online medical assessment websites to generate your fitness report. The price of the module will be a dampener and you need to spend $155 to own it.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Shake it firm

Interviews are all about confidence and the interviewer searches for signs of confidence in the interviewee. A firm handshake to kick start the interview process is vital for success. First impression is always the best impression and so you are expected to wear elegant attire and carry a smile on your face. Job applicants should bear in mind that a firm handshake maximizes their chances of getting picked. A study has proposed that candidates with a firm handshake are more likely to be selected than those with a flaccid grip. People with stiff shakes are perceived as affable and dominant whereas those with a flabby grasp are seen as shy and phobic. The handshake is a perfect symbol of the person's attitude and confidence level. Along with the handshake maintaining eye contact is of utmost importance. If a women possess these qualities then she will be a better performer. So never be cynical about yourself and come out of your shell to succeed.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Need for Interdental care

Brushing your teeth everyday helps you protect your teeth from cavities. But a majority of the tooth loss in adults is not due to tooth decay but it is because of gum disease. Therefore gum care becomes very essential in order to protect them from bacterias. Gum disease can affect you at any age making your gums tender, swollen and red resulting in bleeding, bad breath and loose teeth.

We should realise the need for cleaning between the teeth. Flossing provides you the solution for preventing gum disease. Take a 50cm floss and wrap it around each middle finger leaving 5cm in between. Now hold it firm and gently slide it between your teeth without hurting your gums. Make a curve and move it up and down the sides of each tooth. Repeat the procedure for all the teeth by unrolling a new portion of the floss as you proceed from one tooth to another.

Some of the other products designed for interdental care are interdental brushes and interdental woodsticks. The brushes are suitable for people with wide spaces between their teeth and people who are using clips on their teeth. The woodsticks can also be used for massaging the gums. If you follow your interdental cleaning plan the likelihood of you getting any dental infections is minimum.

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