Thursday, March 27, 2008


Federer has now lost three matches in 2008 and the big question is whether he can come out of this marshy zone.For a purist like me Sampras will always be the best player ever purely for the way he played the game.But Federer has really fought hard over the years to make people believe that he is not lagging too far behind Sampras.Now lady luck has slighty started to drift away from Federer.

Winner of 12 Grand Slams he just needs 2 more wins to equal Sampras record of 14 Grand Slam wins.The recent slump in form could well prolong his chase for that elusive feat.I respect and admire Federer as a player who had enormous self belief and grit unfazed by the lack of recognition in his early days yet has carved himself more than a niche in the Tennis Hall of Fame.He rose to fame when legends like Sampras and Agassi were on the decline but thats not his fault and only the Gods are to be blamed.In an era where players like Hewitt couldn't cope with the pressures of modern Tennis and players like Nadal completely one-dimensional Federer has stood tall in his own style.Federer is a true Legend and once in a life time player.I firmly stand by Federer to beat Sampras record no matter his current form.But then I'll always regard Sampras ahead of Federer and thats the way it goes......

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Why can't an Indian Citizen watch Indian Cricket?

Its really disappointing and irritating that the India-South Africa cricket series is not telecast on Doordarshan here in Chennai.Even the 20-20 World cup won by India was not shown.What wrong have we done?Don't we deserve watching a cricket match played by our own nation?The worst part is that even the commentary was not broadcast on All India Radio.A really ridiculous sitiuation indeed!

India is my Motherland and I have seen many ardent cricket fans who eat, sleep and live cricket.People worship their cricketing heroes as Gods.They clap,whistle and dance for every wicket taken and for every run scored with an empty stomach and an empty pocket.Poor children even bunk their classes to sit in front of their television sets to watch their team win.This is a cricket frenzy nation.The Conditional Access System(CAS) has killed the spirit of cricket.If the situation persists cricket will loose its supporters in the long run.A silent prayer to the heavens escapes my mouth to save these innocent cricket thirsty fans....

Sunday, March 23, 2008

AGNI 1 Passes The Test

India test-fired its new missile AGNI-1 on sunday and it was declared a success by the scientists.This is India's first solid fuel missile and it was launched from a mobile launch pad unit in the Bay of Bengal at 10.15AM.It is a nuclear-capable short range ballistic missile with better re-entry technology and tracking facilities.

Range: 700-900Km
Height: 15m
Weight: 12 tonnes
Payload: 1000Kg

A small error in the test was that the missile fell short of its target of 700Km by 50Km but the DRDO officials brushed aside the issue claiming that it was not a fault.Now the missile is fully operational ready to spit fire on enemies.Post-mission analysis are being carried out from data obtained from radar stations.It has become a cliche that Pakistan sooner or later replies to any missile tested by India and only time will tell what Pakistan can come up with.


MARUTI will launch its new car DZIRE in india on March 28,2008.The car will be available in both petrol and diesel models.I'm very much impressed by its appearance which looks very appealing.After the success of the SX4 this car promises to be a big hit.The timing of the release is crucial for its competitors like Hyundai,Renault,Ford and others.

The length of the car will definetely make an impact on most of us.Its midway between the conventional models and the smaller cars which might be ironic to a few traditional people but its really cool for the youths.Driving the car might be nothing new or different as compared with the Swift model.The car has a European touch to it and there is A smart looking music player with controls embedded on the steering wheel.But there is a lot of criticism about the rear legroom which is very much cramped particularly unfit for long travels.The car also has to improve on its performance in turning corners and braking.If Maruti can come up with a well manipulated price for this car there is no doubt that it will be a sucess story.
Price: Rs.4.49 - Rs.6.70 Lakh

Saturday, March 22, 2008

McDonalds Now In Chennai

McDonalds the world's leading fast food giants are planning to open a new Restaurant in Chennai.It will be opened for the first time in Chennai at Ascendas IT park,Tharamani.They already own a hundred and thirty two restaurants in India covering major cities like Delhi,Mumbai and Jaipur.With a handful of competitors already well established in Chennai McDonalds must work hard and market their products keeping in mind the tradition of South India.And they are playing it safe by saying that they will concentrate on only one restaurant here for the time being.

McDonalds have eliminated ham and beef from their menu particularly for Indian public.They have also introduced new hybrid vareities of burgers exclusively in India.They always bank on reliable suppliers and believe in providing top class food for their customers.If they really work hard and invest more then I feel they can build a huge market here in Chennai.'Eat n Enjoy'

Friday, March 21, 2008


The Reliance group has now targeted the entertainment arena to spread their wings.Reliance Entertainment has planned to launch twenty non-news tv channels in English,Tamil,Telugu,Gujarati and Marati languages.They will also launch a few music channels,a movie channel and a kids entertainment channel.The ADAG group has laid nearly 88,000Km of fibre-optic cables across India and so their new venture is no surprise.This is yet another step forward in their quest for continuous improvement.

The first channel might start broadcasting by july-august if things go as planned.The authorities are not disclosing too many information and a formal announcement will follow soon.They have already applied for the ministry approval.Reliance has already announced its DTH sevice will also start sooner by april-may.I think viewers are in for a good time with Reliance channels.


T.Nagar is at the heart of the city of Chennai.Over the years it has developed in to the biggest business zone in the city.People from all over the city visit here to buy almost anything.

All types of goods like textiles,jewellery,home appliances,books and electronic items sell big time here.T.Nagar is a hub with excellent transport facilities but for the traffic delays. There are a few five star hotels like The Residency and GRT Grand Days.Its a huge area and you can own a small house in the fringes but then the land prices are the highest and never affordable for the middle income group.There are numerous beautiful temples in T.Nagar the most renowned of them are the Shiva-Vishnu temple and the very very special Thirupathi Devasthanam.

Crowd management and parking facilities are still a major problem here.During Diwali festival times the land is barely visible with people everywhere.Hope the traffic problems will be solved shortly coz a new bridge is under construction.Pollution levels are a bit high too.Nonetheless a visit to T.Nagar is exciting and wish you happy shopping.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Follow Me Follow U

Follow Me Follow You is an interesting service provided by 3HK in Hong Kong. It enables you to track down the precise location of the person whom you want to track in real time. The service requires a subscription fee of $25 and once activated the user can prefix "*66" before the mobile number he/she intends to call for tracking then dial out. Then he receives an sms which contains the current location of the mobile. This information is extremely useful to parents who wish to track their children.There is also an option which prevents others from tracking you.

There are some privacy issues to be addressed over here. Authorisation can be obtained from telecom authorities on certain grounds. Parents can get authorisation from government to track their child who could be a minor. Its a user friendly system and promises to percolate in to newer applications like theft identification,crash notification and other legal issues.This project is now in development in INDIA also.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

F1 2008 - ARE U READY

Gone are the days when Schumi won almost every race he drove and established himself as the undisputed king of Formula 1 racing.He looked invincible untill one man named Alonso put his hand up and drove his rattling Renault past the flinching Ferrari to clinch the title from the legend.

Just as we thought Alonso is gonna rule the world a British Rookie Hamilton was staring at Alonso's face with vigor turning Alonso in to a complainig school boy as if he forgot his driving skills.But fate had its own plan and there emerged the man Raikkonen taking the Trophy in a cliff hanger.

Boy..! what a season we had last year and this year will be no different.I have a vague feeling that a new Hero will arise this season who will rule the world.Gotta wait n see........

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