Monday, March 2, 2009

Shake it firm

Interviews are all about confidence and the interviewer searches for signs of confidence in the interviewee. A firm handshake to kick start the interview process is vital for success. First impression is always the best impression and so you are expected to wear elegant attire and carry a smile on your face. Job applicants should bear in mind that a firm handshake maximizes their chances of getting picked. A study has proposed that candidates with a firm handshake are more likely to be selected than those with a flaccid grip. People with stiff shakes are perceived as affable and dominant whereas those with a flabby grasp are seen as shy and phobic. The handshake is a perfect symbol of the person's attitude and confidence level. Along with the handshake maintaining eye contact is of utmost importance. If a women possess these qualities then she will be a better performer. So never be cynical about yourself and come out of your shell to succeed.

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