Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Opening my Samsung monitor back cover

use a black color CRT Samsung syncmaster793s monitor with a 17'' display for my computer. I bought it 3years ago and it is still working in perfect condition. Last week when I was cleaning the computer system after a long time I noticed through the holes at the back of the monitor lots of dust and cobwebs that got accumulated on the board and circuits inside the monitor. It irritated me and I thought of cleaning them immediately. But I struggled to remove the back cover of the monitor. I removed a couple of screws at the bottom but the top portion of the cover was struck. I didn't find a solution for a couple of weeks and later one my friends showed it to me. Actually opening the back cover and cleaning inside is not a good idea but being an electronic student myself I shrugged off the fears and went ahead. To remove the back cover first unscrew the two screws at the bottom and then insert a blunt screw driver into each of the slots at the top of the monitor and press below. Care should be taken not to damage the cover. Now the cover easily comes off and you can clean it inside with a soft material.


  1. wow! nice to know. thanks for sharing.

  2. thank u for this but better to show a video for removing back cover of monitor thank u very much alot


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