Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Try Roof Top Gardening

Today most of the people living in big metropolitan cities are basically from a rural background. Many of them will have a penchant for flora. But often they don't have any ground space available to grow their favorite plants. Today just a thousand square feet of land is enough to construct a small hosue with the walls also serving as the fence. A better alternative for those gardening enthusiasts is roof top gardening. Roof top gardening is not a new concept. The hanging gardens of Babylon are the best example. Hotels and restaurants have traditionally made use of this concept effectively. There rooftop gardens acts as ecological oasis in the midst of concrete desert and help enhance the quality of air, reduce pollution and dust, insulate from heat and cold, harvest rain water for plant use and conserve ground space. More than everything they add to the aesthetic value of our household. Certain precautions are necessary before embarking on roof top gardening. The roof must be strong enough to support the garden structure and also leak proof. Roof top gardening is restricted to plants with shallow and fibrous roots because deep rooted plants may damage the building.

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