Friday, September 5, 2008

Time to move on to the Ka-band

The radio spectrum is one of the scarcest resources available today. The demand for bandwidth is increasing everyday and now India has decided to open the new Ka-band for communication. This will vastly improve the speed and quality of direct-to-home services, internet and other wireless applications. The Ka-band covers frequencies in the range 27-40 GHz according to IEEE classification. The new band will enable rapid downloading and it will help the reception of TV channels on mobile phones.

The bands presently in use are the VHF, UHF, S, C, and Ku bands. C-band (4-8 GHz) is used for cable television distributed from those large dish antennas installed at the service provider's area. Ku-band (12-18 GHz) is used for DTH services. But these bands are nearing saturation. If not for the multiplexing strategy these bands would have exhausted decades ago. Now the Ka-band will certainly have a major impact in our life. If this band gets depleted then we have to move to the millimeter wave band but that is not an issue today.

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