Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Indian Bank Employees need counselling

Last month when I went to a reputed government bank here in T.Nagar, Chennai to take a DD for my friend I didn't get a kind response from an official there. When I inquired about the procedure to take a DD that boorish bank employee replied with frustration "Nee padichavan thaaneya?" (Aren't you a literate?"). I was shocked. I just passed out of my college and to be honest I'm not proficient with the banking system. Feeling dejected I thought of approaching another bank but my friend needed the DD urgently and so I somehow managed to complete the procedure with some help from the visitors. I left the place mulling over the fact whether it is my mistake or the official's fault. Is it the job of the bank to educate its customers or else the customers have to educate themselves? I'm sure that many of you would have experienced a similar situation with banks in our country. I wonder why would people like us often get insulted at places like banks, hospitals, ration shops, public buses and many more offices. We expect service from these people but receive only misery. There is no room for human values and no respect for a co-human in this country. I would be happy if at least one person understands what I'm trying to say...

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  1. i agree with what u say. i had similar experience with indian bank, west mambalam branch. I was waiting for the clearance of my outstation cheque and when i started to question their negligence, the lady there started accusing me that i am the one who is starting to quarell. I had to wait for almost 3 hrs to get my job done, which was only 5 minutes for the employee to do.


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