Monday, February 16, 2009


Last week I attended the marriage of my friend's sister and it turned out to be a grand function. My friend didn't come to my home with the invitation for the marriage. That is the traditional way of inviting people to any function here in India. But I received the scanned copy of the original Invitation via email from my friend before the marriage. Being a person of this generation I didn't mind about the e-invitation and was determined to attend the function in any case. But my friend was kind enough to give me a call and invited me for the occasion. But it didn't matter for me. I would have gone anyway. Many people here are still not prepared to accept this modern way of inviting for any function. They consider the traditional way of inviting by visiting their home as a mark of respect and the e-invitation as being a negligent attitude shown towards them. Conducting any function is hard work and distributing invitations is one of the most difficult part of it. We need to make sure that no one is missed and also deliver it on time so that the visitor can make arrangements for their travel well in advance. All this can be fulfilled by electronic invitations. People are still not able to approach this trend with an open mind. May be there are a lot of emotions involved and truly it is a different feeling when someone invites you personally coming to your house. Making use of technology is fast and easy but human values and feelings can never be compromised. It is not just the difference between reading a book and its e-book version. But it is a matter of pride and love for most of us. I have mixed opinions on this issue but still one has to say that the traditional method is more Indian and more close to the heart. It doesn't even matter for people like me though.....

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