Sunday, August 10, 2008

Smoking genes

All those who are wondering why you can't quit smoking eventhough you would like to stop here is the answer. A recent research has associated the addiction to smoking with a particular gene in our body. People are generally classified as two types. One type of persons experience nausea, coughing, sneezing and other discomforts after their first puff ever in life. The other class of people have a gene combination that makes them enjoy smoking right from their first drag of smoke. So it is either pleasing or jarring to our body in the first attempt. Individuals who enjoy smoking in their early days are more susceptible to get addicted to smoking and surrender to smoking habit innately.

They fail to realize that it is a trap and that it will lead to a world of inconceivable risk factors ending up in a point of no return. Smoking increases the risk for lung cancer which is the leading cause of cancer death in men worldwide and the second leading cause among the females. Scientists have discovered that chain smokers are more likely to have a change in the CHRNA5 nicotine receptor gene. The genes control the ingress of nicotine into the brain cells that will lead to cancer. Research is underway to develop a genetic screen for the CHRNA5 variant. I believe smoking can be controlled by humans themselves rather than drugs or anything else. Nothing is impossible. We have to believe in the power of our soul and life. It is a beautiful world around you and you don't want to be in a hurry to leave. If you don't want to stop smoking atleast quit for your loved ones. Life is very short but love is eternal.



  1. smoking is not really good!! sorry but I don't smoke...

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