Monday, August 25, 2008

Share your nuttiness

Everyone in this world has a lighter side. Some of us are willing to share our quirks with others but others tend to keep their funny side to themselves. Are You Normal or Nuts? It might be a strange question but the fact is that we cannot live a boredom life and pass like clouds. We need to make our presence felt by everyone and make others happy. Now if you read this article Are You Normal or Nuts? you will get to know about the crazy world you are living in. There is a new dimension to life which is called nuttiness. Read the experiences of others at Reader's Digest Laughs and try to realize your lighter side. Your comments are invited for the articles. If you are daring enough to reveal your own quirks post them too and see others react to them. Reader's Digest is the best and you can retune your life by reading. I always feel empty in my brain whenever I stand outside the exam hall just a few moments before my exam. Well, it happens and you got to learn to live with it. My friends give me a stern look whenever I say this to them because I always get good marks. Now just join the fun by posting your experiences.

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