Sunday, August 24, 2008

More on your Mobile

For all those who think your mobile phone is doing enough for you it is not yet over. Mobile companies are working on integrating more and more technologies into our mobile phones. Nokia is working with three companies such as Valimo Wireless, Openbit and Upcode for multipurpose mode of operation. Short distance communication applications are in the hotlist of top mobile companies. A mobile phone in the future can be used as a smart card, credit/debit card, ID card and even for information extraction. You will be able to get travel timetables and make money transactions with your mobile phones.

Valimo wireless solutions is working on mobile banking for Nokia and the technology transforms the mobile device into an ID card for authentication purposes. The mobile phone will encrypt your PIN number and send it for authentication. This helps in online banking and cardless ATM withdrawals. Openbit company is working with an on-device payment and Digital Rights Management system. They also provide online billing services for mobile networks all around the world. Upcode delivers a freeware system that enables your phone to access the web just by pointing your mobile phone at a code. Now this all in one system will penetrate soon in our homes.

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