Saturday, August 16, 2008

Microincisional Cataract Surgery

Human eye has a transparent lens that focuses the image on to the retina. But when the lens suffers opacity light cannot pass through causing vision problems and the condition is termed as cataract. Unfortunately there is no proven cure for cataract but the prescribed treatment is surgery. In olden days cataract is surgically treated only when it is acute and mature. Today it is done at an early stage. Previously cataract surgeries were performed by carving a 12mm opening and later it shrunk to 2.8mm opening. This is possible with the aid of an ultrasonic technique called as phacomulsification. A flexible intraocular lens is then embedded in the eye. The success rate is also very high.

Today a mini keyhole surgery called as Microincisional Cataract Surgery requires only a tiny 1.6-1.8mm aperture to perform the surgery. For this a new highly flexible micro intraocular lens has been designed that will make its way through this tiny aperture and gets unfolded inside the eye. The merits of this procedure are faster sutureless surgery, quick recovery, fewer post-operative abstentions and high quality of vision. Persons who have undergone this surgery may require glasses for reading but not for distant vision. The downside is that 5% of operated persons develop a thickening of the posterior capsule but this can be easily treated by a LASER procedure.

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