Friday, August 22, 2008

Liars blink abnormally

The next time you suspect a person to be lying keep an aye on his eyes. Lying has been linked to aberrant blinking in an interesting study. The non-verbal behaviour study has come up with the fact that liars blink less than normal during lying and then followed by rapid blinking upto eight times faster than usual. This may not be the flawless technique but it will certainly support findings in an investigation. But there is definitely a difference in the blinking patterns between liars and truth tellers. The reason maybe that liars need to create tales and be vigilant on their words so that they defend themselves. They should also remember their earlier testimonies inorder to be consistent and appear honest. Actually the flurry of blinks that follow a lie is just the release of energy after the pressure of lying just like a safety valve action. But sometimes there is a possibility of aberrant blinking whenever a person is nervous and even when he is having problems with his contact lens. So the hypothesis has to be applied with caution.

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