Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happiness for longevity

Once upon a time a King asked the famous Tamil Poet Pisirandhaiyaar the reason for his youthful looks even at old age. The poet replied that he has a loving wife, intelligent people around him , great scholars in his land and a wonderful king to rule. Therefore he had no worries in his life and that is why he was so dynamic and never had a single strand of white hair in his scalp. He also had a loving friend named Koperunchozhan. Today science is proving his words right. Researches have proved that the impact of happiness on the lifespan can be analogous to that of smoking or not. They say happiness doesn't cure but it protects us from falling ill. After reviewing 30 studies conducted worldwide has revealed that a happy lifestyle can extend your lifespan by 7.5 to 10 years.

Hedonics is a new field that studies the state of mind and deals with identifying the reasons of what makes life pleasant and happy. A study discovered the most powerful proof for longevity and happiness among a group of nuns in US. They had no stress in their life and always maintained their devotion to god. This feel-good factor goes a long way in increasing your number of living days. But cheerfulness doesn't seem to delay the deathbed. Happy people remain lively, sustain more self confidence than others and make better decisions in life. So joining a laugh club won't be a bad idea. But happiness has spring from inside and it happens only from realization. So don't burden your heart with sadness hereafter and keep smiling.

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