Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Anti-malarial virus

American researchers have found a new virus that can infect Anopheles mosquitos which act as carriers of the parasite causing malaria. The idea is to use the virus to pass on genetic information that will kill the mosquito before it infects humans. Malaria is one of the leading causes of death in rural areas of asia and africa. Drugs are available to treat the disease but most of the people die because of lack of awareness. Prevention is always better than cure. The new virus AgDNV is a densovirus type and it can secrete a strong toxin inside the mosquito or ask the mosquito to die in 10 days. It was a fairy tale discovery while they were researching on Wolbachia bacteria. But there is a long way to go from here to implement the strategy for malaria control in real life.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Share your nuttiness

Everyone in this world has a lighter side. Some of us are willing to share our quirks with others but others tend to keep their funny side to themselves. Are You Normal or Nuts? It might be a strange question but the fact is that we cannot live a boredom life and pass like clouds. We need to make our presence felt by everyone and make others happy. Now if you read this article Are You Normal or Nuts? you will get to know about the crazy world you are living in. There is a new dimension to life which is called nuttiness. Read the experiences of others at Reader's Digest Laughs and try to realize your lighter side. Your comments are invited for the articles. If you are daring enough to reveal your own quirks post them too and see others react to them. Reader's Digest is the best and you can retune your life by reading. I always feel empty in my brain whenever I stand outside the exam hall just a few moments before my exam. Well, it happens and you got to learn to live with it. My friends give me a stern look whenever I say this to them because I always get good marks. Now just join the fun by posting your experiences.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

More on your Mobile

For all those who think your mobile phone is doing enough for you it is not yet over. Mobile companies are working on integrating more and more technologies into our mobile phones. Nokia is working with three companies such as Valimo Wireless, Openbit and Upcode for multipurpose mode of operation. Short distance communication applications are in the hotlist of top mobile companies. A mobile phone in the future can be used as a smart card, credit/debit card, ID card and even for information extraction. You will be able to get travel timetables and make money transactions with your mobile phones.

Valimo wireless solutions is working on mobile banking for Nokia and the technology transforms the mobile device into an ID card for authentication purposes. The mobile phone will encrypt your PIN number and send it for authentication. This helps in online banking and cardless ATM withdrawals. Openbit company is working with an on-device payment and Digital Rights Management system. They also provide online billing services for mobile networks all around the world. Upcode delivers a freeware system that enables your phone to access the web just by pointing your mobile phone at a code. Now this all in one system will penetrate soon in our homes.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Holiday shopping online

I have always been a person who goes on a shopping spree during the holidays of festival season. One reason for doing so is that we get the best offers during festival time by which we can save money unlike the normal days. But shopping can sometimes become a harrowing experience due to the large number of deceptive sellers and the huge crowd during holidays. It is time for things to change now. Technology has made it possible to sit at home and purchase anything online safely. Buying on cyber monday is considered an auspicious day for online shopping. I would suggest you to go for online shopping on Black Friday. A BF site will help you save money significantly.

black friday online is one of the best sites to get all the sales information in one place. I wish to decorate my wardrobe with the finest clothes for this Christmas. I noticed a plethora of costumes available from the Buckle.com specials for me. Everything is at affordable prices and I hope to take home a few shirts and a gorgeous wrist watch. Black Friday Online will also mail us all the new ads and offers instantly so that we can keep track of the latest trends in the market.

Liars blink abnormally

The next time you suspect a person to be lying keep an aye on his eyes. Lying has been linked to aberrant blinking in an interesting study. The non-verbal behaviour study has come up with the fact that liars blink less than normal during lying and then followed by rapid blinking upto eight times faster than usual. This may not be the flawless technique but it will certainly support findings in an investigation. But there is definitely a difference in the blinking patterns between liars and truth tellers. The reason maybe that liars need to create tales and be vigilant on their words so that they defend themselves. They should also remember their earlier testimonies inorder to be consistent and appear honest. Actually the flurry of blinks that follow a lie is just the release of energy after the pressure of lying just like a safety valve action. But sometimes there is a possibility of aberrant blinking whenever a person is nervous and even when he is having problems with his contact lens. So the hypothesis has to be applied with caution.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Excuse Me Don't you flirt?

Do you think you are wacky? Can you make a girl or a guy admire at your hair? Well, you need Victory Hair for that. Victory Hair is the feeling that comes from your heart that tells you that you don't want to let go your loved one. This is the moment you have waited so long. The Ultimate Flirting Championship from Extreme Style by VO5 will help you get the victory hair if you flirt well. Flirting is an art and it is also a nice way to express yourself. But you don't get victory hair just by saying "Hello, what is the time please". You need to come up with a pick up line that will linger in the heart for a long time. Start playing the flirt game using the widget below. Bloggers can put this widget in your home page to give your readers that crazy experience.

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The sixth taste

Calcium which is responsible for healthy strong bones has been identified as the sixth taste that can be sensed by the tongue. The other five tastes previously discovered where sweet, sour, salty, bitter and savoury. The taste of calcium is calciumy which is a bitter taste combined with a slightly sour flavor. In our daily life we find calcium in tiny levels in drinking water which is often pleasant to our taste buds. But if calcium increases above a certain level the same water becomes obnoxious. This has a strong association with people showing antipathy towards certain vegetables. Calcium rich vegetables are spinach, broccoli, collard greens, bok choy, kale and bitter lemon. Ironically milk which is a big source of calcium doesn't taste bad because the calcium binds with the fats and proteins that suppresses its flavor. Two genes are responsible for calcium taste. A calcium-sensing receptor gene called as CaSR is present in kidney, brain and gut. Now another gene has been identified on the tongue.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Banzai is the best

Life can be very demanding and we often go places to chill out and invigorate ourselves. But how about the idea of staying indoors and playing some of the craziest games in the world with our loved ones. Playing Banzai is the perfect way to revitalize yourself. I would always prefer playing Banzai with my girlfriend because watching those cute little expressions from your soulmate can never be equal to anything in life. Banzai is all about watching video clips and betting on the outcome of a stunt with sushi using chopsticks. There is nothing serious about it and all is for fun only. The game ends when one person gets all the sushi and he is the winner.

Banzai is a product of Screenlife Games and every household should have it. It is highly suitable to play Banzai during festivals and parties with relatives and friends. Community gaming fortifies our relationship and makes us forget our problems in life. Playing Tako-gotchi online is a pleasant experience. cool wallpapers and screensavers are available for download to all Banzai fans. Banzai is the perfect game for teens and adults. Banzai game can be purchased online safely. Tako also has a Myspace profile and you can contact for any queries. I wish you all a happy Banzai experience.

ScreenLife Games is at it again. They launched a new Banzai game. Check it out:

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Communication Apprehension

Communication apprehension is the fear or anxiety of communicating in different situations. It is believed that 1 in 5 people have this problem. Some of the possible reasons for this condition maybe lack of expertise in the communicating language, lack of practice and timidity. Many of us might be good in writing a language but not so in speaking. Some of us can communicate fluently with others but stutter when asked to speak in a conference or make a presentation. People rank public speaking as their worst fear.

Fear is one factor that influences verbal communication. If we can overcome fear we can communicate confidently. First of all a person should realize that communication apprehension is a very innate and global human emotion. He should be willing to accept that he really has the problem. Analyze yourself listing down your fears and consider whether they are realistic. Taking deep breaths can significantly bring down your anxiety. In presentations it is very important to prepare well in advance and structure it so that there is a continuous flow of information. Attitude makes a difference and there is no reason in the world to think that you would fail. Memorizing is not a good idea. You have to understand the concept noting down the hints or outlines and present it perfectly. This is not easy but can be achieved through regular practice. Simulate the environment in your mind days before your presentation and build your confidence along the way. Never let it degrade you. Atlast don't get being eaten by the atmosphere and tell yourself that you are a hero and not a coward

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Flirting for fame

Flirting is a lot of fun and it does require skill and the charisma to influence others. So if you really think that you are good in flirting then you need to prove it to the world. The Ultimate Flirting Championship from Extreme Style by VO5 is the stage to unleash your flirting skills and set the world on fire. In the Ultimate Flirting Championship you will be competing against another person and a judge will decide the winner and award him the Victory Hair. You can use all the famous lines of Hollywood movies like " Bond...James Bond" to clinch victory. Sometimes you can also be the judge and present the victory hair to the winner. I played the game and it was rocking. You may never know because your opponent might be the perfect match for you in life. So while playing the game make sure that the avatar represents you and be natural in flirting. Good luck..

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Microincisional Cataract Surgery

Human eye has a transparent lens that focuses the image on to the retina. But when the lens suffers opacity light cannot pass through causing vision problems and the condition is termed as cataract. Unfortunately there is no proven cure for cataract but the prescribed treatment is surgery. In olden days cataract is surgically treated only when it is acute and mature. Today it is done at an early stage. Previously cataract surgeries were performed by carving a 12mm opening and later it shrunk to 2.8mm opening. This is possible with the aid of an ultrasonic technique called as phacomulsification. A flexible intraocular lens is then embedded in the eye. The success rate is also very high.

Today a mini keyhole surgery called as Microincisional Cataract Surgery requires only a tiny 1.6-1.8mm aperture to perform the surgery. For this a new highly flexible micro intraocular lens has been designed that will make its way through this tiny aperture and gets unfolded inside the eye. The merits of this procedure are faster sutureless surgery, quick recovery, fewer post-operative abstentions and high quality of vision. Persons who have undergone this surgery may require glasses for reading but not for distant vision. The downside is that 5% of operated persons develop a thickening of the posterior capsule but this can be easily treated by a LASER procedure.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Ultimate Multimedia Converter Software

In our everyday life the diversity of applications around us force the use of different formats for different devices. Emerging audio and video market is introducing a new multimedia format frequently. We are always on the hunt for a single software that can do the job for us by converting all formats to our own desired configuration. Blaze Media Pro Multimedia Software can help you convert your files quick and easy. This mighty converter can perform conversion, ripping, editing, recording, burning and playback all in one window. The conversions are very easy to perform and there is no loss of quality. A wide range of options is available before you start the conversion process to ensure perfection. The built-in AVI converter is unique and highly flexible. Extracting an image from a video file or creating a video file from a set of images can never be easier. Inserting audio or a logo into your video is also simple. A plethora of tools and utilities are also incorporated in the software.

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Happiness for longevity

Once upon a time a King asked the famous Tamil Poet Pisirandhaiyaar the reason for his youthful looks even at old age. The poet replied that he has a loving wife, intelligent people around him , great scholars in his land and a wonderful king to rule. Therefore he had no worries in his life and that is why he was so dynamic and never had a single strand of white hair in his scalp. He also had a loving friend named Koperunchozhan. Today science is proving his words right. Researches have proved that the impact of happiness on the lifespan can be analogous to that of smoking or not. They say happiness doesn't cure but it protects us from falling ill. After reviewing 30 studies conducted worldwide has revealed that a happy lifestyle can extend your lifespan by 7.5 to 10 years.

Hedonics is a new field that studies the state of mind and deals with identifying the reasons of what makes life pleasant and happy. A study discovered the most powerful proof for longevity and happiness among a group of nuns in US. They had no stress in their life and always maintained their devotion to god. This feel-good factor goes a long way in increasing your number of living days. But cheerfulness doesn't seem to delay the deathbed. Happy people remain lively, sustain more self confidence than others and make better decisions in life. So joining a laugh club won't be a bad idea. But happiness has spring from inside and it happens only from realization. So don't burden your heart with sadness hereafter and keep smiling.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pacifying Eczema

Eczema is a dreadful skin disease which is very annoying as well as demoralizing. This is a very peculiar disease and the skin becomes very sensitive to chemicals and irritants. Patients suffer from skin rashes and persistent itching. There is also lack of awareness about the disease and the patients are sometimes ill-treated by the public. Last week when I was playing cricket in a ground a small boy caught my attention. He was crying on the field and went near him to inquire. He showed me his hand and I was taken aback at the look of it. His hand was red with blisters and he kept on scratching it. I took him home and heard from his parents that he was suffering from eczema. When I reached home I searched the web for eczema cure but I found unclear information everywhere. Luckily I stumbled upon the exederm site.


Exederm have been working on ultra sensitive skin care products and they are willing to challenge the world with their products for eczema treatment. Childhood Eczema can affect the child not only physically but mentally as well. The onus is on the parents to identify eczema in its early stage and get it treated by proper medical care. I have had my own miseries with skin care products. I wonder how a child can cope up with eczema. But I found the treatment schedule designed by exederm fascinating. First a flare control cream then a moisturizer and finally the cleansing wash. The three will make the perfect combination that will keep eczema away from you. exederm products are odourless and colorless as well as they are free from parabens and lanolin. So it is completely safe and healthy to use these products.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Smoking genes

All those who are wondering why you can't quit smoking eventhough you would like to stop here is the answer. A recent research has associated the addiction to smoking with a particular gene in our body. People are generally classified as two types. One type of persons experience nausea, coughing, sneezing and other discomforts after their first puff ever in life. The other class of people have a gene combination that makes them enjoy smoking right from their first drag of smoke. So it is either pleasing or jarring to our body in the first attempt. Individuals who enjoy smoking in their early days are more susceptible to get addicted to smoking and surrender to smoking habit innately.

They fail to realize that it is a trap and that it will lead to a world of inconceivable risk factors ending up in a point of no return. Smoking increases the risk for lung cancer which is the leading cause of cancer death in men worldwide and the second leading cause among the females. Scientists have discovered that chain smokers are more likely to have a change in the CHRNA5 nicotine receptor gene. The genes control the ingress of nicotine into the brain cells that will lead to cancer. Research is underway to develop a genetic screen for the CHRNA5 variant. I believe smoking can be controlled by humans themselves rather than drugs or anything else. Nothing is impossible. We have to believe in the power of our soul and life. It is a beautiful world around you and you don't want to be in a hurry to leave. If you don't want to stop smoking atleast quit for your loved ones. Life is very short but love is eternal.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Get Cisco Certification for a bright future

The demand for networking professionals is sky high and the industry is in search of qualified and certified people. The IT sector needs people who have undergone quality training program in a reputed network like Cisco. Getting Cisco certification is imperative to advance in your career. If you are tired of being neglected by companies and wish to work in top IT companies then you got to earn yourself a certificate from Cisco. Cisco certification is not only for the unemployed, people working in the IT domain also can benefit from Cisco. Cisco is the leading organization in the networking field and they have a legacy of training the best minds in the business.

Learning is a continuous process and networking is an ocean to ride. You will need a large volume of information to gain mastery over networks. The Cisco Learning Network gives you an opportunity to discuss and learn from the experts. Preparing for your exams is very easy when you have a bunch of scholars to guide you. The technical resources and online events will be the perfect preparation for your exams. CCNA is already making waves in my part of the world. A couple of my close friends wandered around jobless for a long time. One of them joined Cisco and got his certification last year. Now he is working in a reputed IT firm. My other friend also followed his foot steps and he is also working now. There is more to it than just certification and you need top class training to come out with flying colors. Join the Cisco Network today and experience success.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tamilnadu Government Colour Television

Tamilnadu Government run by DMK promised a portable colour television for all in their election manifesto. The DMK government fulfilled its proposal for the people living in T.Nagar today. I received the free 14 inch color television today from the government. A couple of months ago we were asked for photocopies of our ration cards to register for the offer. From that they prepared a list of eligible candidates based on the address proof. Yesterday the party workers came to my house with list and verified my details and after finding my Father's name in the list they handed us a token. The next day we were asked to collect our television set from a corporation school nearby. I went to the school today and showed my token and ration card to the authorities. They marked something in the ration card on the last page and availed me the television set. After some difficulty carrying it home I landed the TV in my house and switch it on. To my delight the system was in perfect working condition and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Some of my neighbours found their names missing from the list. But the councilor assured them that they can also get the TV sets by bringing their ration card and xerox copy directly to the delivery centre. I later found that they had no difficulties in claiming their television sets. Some people had problems with their television sets malfunctioning and I was told that they were replaced immediately. Anyway we are fortunate to have received the television sets and lets hope the government will dispatch them to all Thamizhans very soon.

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