Saturday, July 26, 2008

Boeing 747 makes a miraculous landing

A Boeing 747-400 on its way from London to Australia made an emergency landing at Manila after a mid-air rupture that left a yawning hole in its fuselage. The Quantas Long-haul jumbo took off from Hong Kong at 9AM. The aircraft was gliding at a height of about 29,000 feet above the ground when a loud bang shuddered it in the sky. The flight had 346 passengers and 19 crew members onboard and fortunately no one was injured in the ordeal.

The hole was about 2m by 4m in size which is good enough for a small car to drive through. It was reported that there was a very large bang and debris flew all over the cabin. The oxygen masks dropped down from the ceiling and the passengers were puzzled about the bizarre incident. An investigation has been ordered to probe the accident to find out what hit the flight on air. The crew were very shrewd and performed the emergency procedures perfectly and did a wonderful job in bringing the flight under control. The passengers didn't panic and stayed calm but they were terror struck once they saw the gaping hole after disembarking. The pilot called the accident as "explosive decompression". One has to say that the passengers were very lucky and the credit must go to the crew members.

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