Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Browsing centres put on alert

In the aftermath of terror attacks in Bangalore and Ahmedabad the country is on red alert. Following the email threats to attack major cities in India the browsing centres here in Chennai are asked to stay vigilant. The Police have asked all the internet centres in the city to capture the visitors using web cameras. The browsing centres are supposed to note down the full name and address of visitors in a register and also make it available to the cops when the situation arises. They must not permit anyone without a valid ID card to browse the web. All the threat emails have been sent from a proxy server and so the browsing centre owners must monitor the users and report any suspicious visitor to the police immediately. The internet centres are also asked to remove any wooden or glass partitions or cabins and make sure that every operation is transparent and clearly visible.

The government is not taking any chances regarding security. The Government is also insisting on cars to use High Security Number Plates (HSNP) which utilizes GPS technology to track the culprits down rapidly when the car is being stolen before they could engage themselves in any malicious activities.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Acne Medicine Review

Adolescents around the world suffer from acne problem and most of them find it hard to control them. Some of you might have even spent a lot of money trying to find a cure. zyporex is a new natural acne scrub and facial cleanser. This new medicine is slowly gaining popularity. But there are already two top brands namely Acnexus and Juliet’s Clean and Smooth who have dominated the market for the past 5years. Therefore there is a need to learn about the pros and cons of this new product. has reviewed the product and has presented an elaborate article describing the merits and the demerits of the product. They have compared zyporex with the other two brands and have scrutinized the product making it easy for the user to understand the product completely. The reviews are unbiased and presented after extensive research. The product is analyzed about its technical aspects and reliability. You will also find the best acne treatments available on this website.

Smart Phone users beware

All you smart phone users who feel proud about your high speed internet connections think again. Hackers are making merry and are capable of remote controlling your mobile phones. Almost all the smart phones including Blackberry, iPhone, Windows mobile and other Symbian phones are vulnerable and could be hacked with a little bit of code and some slyness. Its not just data or identity theft alone as it was earlier. It doesn't even stop with unleashing viruses on the OS of your mobile phones. Modern day hackers can gain control of your mobile from a remote place to spy on you. The hacker starts by sending an SMS/MMS or a Bluetooth message to the user. If the user opens the message spyware gets installed in the phone quietly oblivious to the user. Now the hacker can send commands via SMS and access your phone through GPRS. The hacker can switch on/off your phone and its applications at will. They can tap into our private information exchange while making calls or sending SMS. They could even alter the text of your SMS before sending it to the recipient. The hacker has access to all the files in your mobile phone and caould switch on your camera and eavesdrop on your daily life activities.

Mobile users in the US are already suffering from more than 200 viruses and hackers are also rampant here in India. A few simple precautions can help you drive the hackers away. Enhance the security of your mobile devices with antivirus, firewall, anti-spam and data encryption technologies. Never try to open any anonymous messages in your inbox whatever it referred to. Prevention is always better than cure.

The gateway for your savings account

Today because of inflation the markets are in a volatile situation and we are in search of a safe yet profitable investment option. Opening a savings account in a bank that will provide high interest rates as well as better services is the best option right now. There are banks which provide you good return on your investments but finding them can be a tedious task indeed. So you are in need of a reliable source who can gather the information for you in one place. The website is the place to visit to seal a deal for you.

savings accounts are offered by many banks in US but every bank has different interest rates which fluctuate periodically. has tabulated the interest rates and performance of all leading banks in US by working in the background. The banks are rated according to their annual percentage yield (apy) and the profile of the bank is posted to let the user learn about the progress of the bank in the form of a graph. You can also find banks who are willing to provide you cash bonus offers for opening an account. Satisfied users have written about their experiences in the testimonials section. Now the time is ripe for opening savings accounts that will benefit you and your family in the long run.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Boeing 747 makes a miraculous landing

A Boeing 747-400 on its way from London to Australia made an emergency landing at Manila after a mid-air rupture that left a yawning hole in its fuselage. The Quantas Long-haul jumbo took off from Hong Kong at 9AM. The aircraft was gliding at a height of about 29,000 feet above the ground when a loud bang shuddered it in the sky. The flight had 346 passengers and 19 crew members onboard and fortunately no one was injured in the ordeal.

The hole was about 2m by 4m in size which is good enough for a small car to drive through. It was reported that there was a very large bang and debris flew all over the cabin. The oxygen masks dropped down from the ceiling and the passengers were puzzled about the bizarre incident. An investigation has been ordered to probe the accident to find out what hit the flight on air. The crew were very shrewd and performed the emergency procedures perfectly and did a wonderful job in bringing the flight under control. The passengers didn't panic and stayed calm but they were terror struck once they saw the gaping hole after disembarking. The pilot called the accident as "explosive decompression". One has to say that the passengers were very lucky and the credit must go to the crew members.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sachin set to break Lara's record

Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar is on the verge of creating a world record for the most runs scored by a batsman in Test cricket. He is just 172 runs short of Brian Lara's feat of 11,953 Test runs which he achieved in 131 matches at an average of 52.88. Looking at Sachin's current form it is almost certain that he will surpass the "Prince of Trinidad" in the ongoing Test series against Sri Lanka held at the Emerald Islands. Sachin has played cricket for nearly 18 long years and has broken numerous records in his journey. This record will be yet another feather in his cap who already holds the record for the most runs in one-dayers. Sachin has hit the largest number of centuries in world cricket and a lot more awaits the master. I personally believe that Sachin is a better one-day player than Lara and Lara is a better test player than Sachin. But Sachin and Lara will be the two greatest players in our era. Lara is one player who defied the coaching books and played every shot in his own style and elegance. On the other hand Sachin is the perfect role model for a youngster and all his shots are perfect and flawless. That is the beautiful thing about this world. Two men at the extreme ends have conquered the world and their legacy will be cherished forever.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Experience Contact lenses

Yesterday I met my friend after a long time and I was astonished to see him wearing a sunglass which I have never seen him wearing. I learnt that he has been wearing contact lenses since a couple of days and that he had irritations in his eye when dust particles came into contact. But hold on, he told me that he is just getting used to it and that he will feel comfortable after 2 or 3 days. Another friend of mine also had similar experience like this during his first week with tears always descending from his eyes but now he is feeling good and with ease.

Contact lenses are getting popular and are mandatory for some critical cases of eye defects like astigmatism and keratoconus. They are placed in the cornea of the eye and perform better than conventional spectacles. They are available in different forms according to their utility. Disposable lenses are safer because there is minimum chance of infections and are hygienic. Soft contact lenses are soothing on the eyes. Semi-soft lenses are prescribed for persons with high cylindrical power. These lenses are also available in different colors.

Maintaining your contact lenses needs a lot of attention and care. There are certain rules to be followed for using contact lenses safely. You should always wash your hands with soap and rinse with clean water before handling contact lenses. Clean the lenses using the given solution daily. Never forget to remove your lenses before going to sleep. Never use tap water, saline water or saliva to clean the lenses. Seek medical attention in case of red eyes or irritation. It is always good to have spare conventional glasses to give your eyes some rest from contact lenses. And as always do consult your Ophthalmologist once a year for healthy vision and happy life...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Navigation tribulation

The world is humming the GPS tunes and it has ensured that the probability of one getting lost is minimum. Every new gadget released nowadays is endowed with a piece of this technology. Companies like Nokia have realized the importance of this and have come up with a series of navigation phones making use of Nokia maps.

The idea of incorporating maps in a mobile phone to assist in navigation is glamorous but there is a demand to develop the underlying infrastructure here in a city like Chennai. There are certain issues to be settled before we can reap the benefits of navigation. Nokia maps can be downloaded free of cost from the nokia website and every map is nearly 2.5MB in size. The biggest drawback in using them is that they can be accessed only through GPRS and the cost of subscribing to GPRS facility may not be affordable to everyone. Every service provider looks at this as an opportunity to make more money. Adding to this the bandwidth offered by mobile service providers is very limited in the 800-1500MHz range which may not allow fast internet access unlike foreign countries which provide services in the 3.2GHz band. Users also complain that they could not receive incoming calls while they are using the navigation system. Another flaw in this is the voice recognition system which Nokia is working on for adapting to the Indian way of pronunciation.

On the brighter side the nokia maps have a handful of information about hotels, ATMs, hospitals, petrol bunks, etc... Things can only get better from here. But at the moment navigation is an expensive venture to a normal citizen here in Chennai.

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