Sunday, June 1, 2008

Opera Mobile 9.5

The new HTC Touch Diamond phone has Opera Mobile 9.5 as the web browser which has attracted several people. The company believes that the Opera browser will do much better than Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Opera Mobile 9.5 gives you a browsing experience which is very close to browsing on your desktop.

Many believe that the browser has more features than the Safari browser used in iphones. The Safari browser was lauded initially but it had its own downside which had difficulty in downloading files and didn't support certain file types on the web. The new Opera mobile browser has the capability to display the full version of web pages rather than the compressed WAP pages. The browser allows you to zoom in and out by taping on the particular portion of the web page and lets you scroll up and down the page with the help of your fingers. It allows you to open new pages as tabs within a single browser window. The browser lets you store web pages enabling you to work off line and reduce your GPRS bills. It has an inherent downloader software and enables you to cut and paste text from web pages to text editor. Some additional features are MMS and dialing any phone number on a web page.

Despite all these features the browser is not the fastest and it is designed for touch screen devices which run on Windows Mobile 6. We would have to wait and see whether it will be available for older model phones and symbian phones. This software is not a freeware unlike Opera Mini and is still not commercially available. This little genius could well be released in a few weeks time.

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