Sunday, June 1, 2008

Bill Gates says no more mouse

Microsoft Corporation is working on a system that will eliminate the usage of the computer mouse inorder to interact with the computer. The genius believes that the way we interact any electronic system will change radically over the next couple of years. Input devices like the keyboard and mouse will no longer be necessary to control your system.

The future computers will be equipped with voice recognition systems and touch sensitive screens making it more user-friendly and time conserving. All these new systems will be embedded in the Microsoft Windows 7 software which will be released in 2010. Windows 7 users can input commands to the system by touching the screen with their fingers rather than using the mouse or the keyboard which is the predominant practice since the seventies. Microsoft is keen on moving towards the touch screen technology after the success of the technology with Apple's iphones. The number of touch screen devices is going up day by day such as in mobile phones, satellite navigators, PDAs and in remote control. Recently Microsoft has also introduced a few touch screen products and also has successfully demonstrated the "Touchable Paint" application.

Both voice recognition and touch screen technologies require precision and accuracy which are complex to develop. But the technology has grown and capable to predict and detect the correct input and neglect the accidental ones. For a person like me who types at the speed of a snail these advancements will be more than useful.


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