Tuesday, June 10, 2008

3G iphone - Dream Machine

Apple has unveiled its new brand of iphones which will work on third generation mobile technology. 3G technology will change the way we look at mobile phones. From high speed internet browsing, music, gaming and multimedia to real time true GPS data availability the Apple 3G iphones will be a big deal in the near future.

Apple has reduced the price of the equipment substantially relative to the 2G model phones but they will be available for sale only in Apple and AT&T outlets..These phones are the perfect blend of a phone, ipod and a fast internet device. The phone supports several features like MS Exchange, App Store and email services. The phone has the capability to get GPS information directly from the satellites and this information is very useful for routing and calculating the distances. The phone will be compatible for some third party applications and will also be available in white color this time.

As far as we in India are concerned things are looking bleak. The 3G auction has to be completed first and then the necessary infrastructure has to be developed. 3G phones bought from other countries will have most of their applications not working at all. Even the original 2G model iphones will be officially released in India by September only. Apple has signed a deal with Vodafone and Airtel to land in India smoothly. The Indians might feel left out of the technology race unless the government comes up with something special.


  1. The 3G iPhone will have its Asian debut in Hongkong next week but, as I've heard, people don't give a damn because of its high price. The point is, it doesn't matter if the iPhone reaches our shore earlier or later for as long as its price is within reach by ordinary mortals.

  2. i don't know the feature of 3g i phone pls give the feature of the that phone in detail if , u know ;


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