Tuesday, May 6, 2008


The word Cure seems to be an antonym of Allergy and Asthma at least in my dictionary. Only an Asthma patient can understand the sufferings of another Asthma patient. The medical fraternity still hasn't found a permanent remedy for this fatal disease. The theme for this year's Asthma Day is "You Can Control Your Asthma" and this is reminiscent of the fact that Asthma cannot be cured.

No Doctor in this world is ashamed of the fact that they still haven't found a cure for Common Cold and Flu. Know why? They are viral diseases and the Doctor gives you the illusion that you feel better by prescribing antipyretics,analgesics and antibiotics. Antipyretics bring down your body temperature, the analgesic is a pain reliever and the antibiotic prevents you from infections. After a specific period of time the virus activity recedes from your body naturally and the Doctors take credit for a natural phenomenon.

If this is the case for cough and flu imagine Asthma which is much more complex to analyze and find a cure. Allergies are triggered when dust particles come in contact with your respiratory system which results in Histamine secretion and this aggravates in to respiratory infections,rhinitis,bronchitis,sinsitis and much more sufferings. Most of the persons with allergy and asthma suffer from wheezing and asthma attacks. Even though in modern times Inhalers can assist in reducing the magnitude of the attack the solution to finding a perfect cure seems impossible. Allergy shots or immunotherapy still doesn't present a concrete evidence of a cure for Asthma or Allergy.

Today everyone is proud about about laparoscopy,heart transplants,laser surgeries,etc which are more physical in the sense that everything you operate upon is visible to you but very few are prepared to take up challenges in areas like cancer,asthma,diabetes and much more diseases which require imaginative ability,vision,lateral thinking and iterative processing to come up with creative ideas to find a long term cure for these diseases. The medical researchers easily escape by citing reasons such as lack of human testing platform and other difficulties to test their ideas. On the other side just take a look at how the Electrical Engineering domain has grown over the years even providing assistance to Doctors and an electrical engineer has not even seen the current or voltage with his physical eyes. Everything is imaginary but the growth is exceptional. I think the medical domain needs some serious rethinking to be done in the way they approach a disease. But its easier said than done. At the moment we have to be content with the illusions provided by our so called Doctors.

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