Tuesday, May 13, 2008

To Tirunelveli and Back

Last week I went on an urgent official trip to Tirunelveli. No ticket was available for reservation in Train and I was forced to take the road. I landed in Koyambedu private buses complex and not even a single seat was available in any of the main travels. There was a special bus to Tirunelveli and I had no other option but to take it. Later I learnt that they collected different money from different type of people according to their urgency.

They say it takes 12 hours to Tirunelveli by road but then times have changed now thanks to the increasing traffic and poor plight of the roads. It took me 15.30 hours to reach Tirunelveli and on my way back it took 14.30 hours which is well above the estimated time. Really it was hell to sit inside the bus for so many hours in the scorching heat. In several places between Chennai and Tirunelveli the roads are being relaid and expanded and also some bridges are under construction. The Hotels on the way are worse and there is no hope of getting a quality food on the way. Its a bit of an eerie feeling when you get glued to your seat for so long with no room to strech yourself. Atlast the bus entered Tirunelveli and there was a big debate among the passengers whether to go to the new bus stand or the older one both a couple of miles apart I guess. I landed in the new bus stand and it was a beautiful one. The infrastructure was good and it had good facilities for the passengers. During my return back home I had to face the same old problems but it was slightly comforting because I selected an air conditioned bus to travel. My horrible journey came to end.

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