Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pregnant Women and Children Beware of Mobile Phones

A recent research has shown some stunning stats regarding mothers using mobile phones during pregnancy and their children affected by behavioural and emotional problems. A study by UCLA reveals the fact that pregnant ladies using mobile handsets just twice or thrice a day is good enough to produce hyperactivity and leads to their children suffering from certain abnormalities. The probability of women using mobile phones having children with behavioural problems is fifty four percent which is alarming. The Russian radiation committee has also warned about the possible hazards of mobile phone usage by both pregnant women and children. The risks are much larger when the children below 7 years of age themselves use mobile phones for communication.

GSM mobile phones operate in the 890-915 MHz band for the reverse link and 935-960 MHz for the forward link with a peak power output of 2W. The radiation fields from the mobile phones is said to penetrate only a couple of centimetres into the skin but it can influence the amount of melatonin hormone which controls sleep that is passed to the unborn via the placenta. The risks increase with the amount of mobile phone usage and radiation exposure. Much of the results have been based on surveys and study and there is vey little absolute proof on the effects of radiation. Still a lot of extensive research has to be done to explore the potential dangers of radiation. But then as they say that there is no smoke without fire I feel it is always better to prevent ourselves rather than searching for the cure after the damage has been done. All future fathers please protect your loved ones from these perils to lead a happy healthy life.

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