Sunday, May 25, 2008

Learning from the Royals

Starting the tournament as underdogs the Rajasthan Royals could well be the favorites to win the title of Indian Premier League. They aren't in this position because lady luck has favored them but because of the hard work and confidence of the boys led by an astute captain cum coach called Shane Warne. The most important thing that we should learn from the success of this team is that we should always be happy with whatever resources available to us and make the maximum use of it.

Leadership is an art and Warne has mastered it turning a bunch of talented youngsters into match winners. Today teams like the Royal Challengers and Kolkata Knight Riders are blaming the selection issues and lack of infrastructure for their lackluster show in the tournament and neither the captain nor the coach has assumed responsibility for the poor show. Shane Warne was presented with a team on which the owners didn't even spend their full money in the auction. But he accepted his team with both hands and didn't complain. Now they are leading the table. This is what a person should learn in his life of adapting yourself to any situation and come out successfully rather than blaming it on the lack of resources. Every individual should be content with his life and keep trying to achieve more.

A good leader should always be ahead of his team and Warne has been a source of inspiration not only for his team but also the millions watching his team in action. A word of caution though at this point for the Rajasthan Royals with lots of youngsters in their team, they may get tense and fail in the big matches. The seniors in the team must continue to guide the juniors for the big matches coming up. Lets wish all the best for the Royals....!

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