Thursday, May 22, 2008

Eligibility Blues for Engineering Graduates

Today everyone talks about the IT boom and the demand for software professionals but the bottom line is most of the students are not eligible to apply for a job in most of the top notch IT companies. Almost all the top software companies are obdurate on a minimum aggregate of 70% for a B.E student to be eligible inorder to apply for a job.

The sad thing is nearly 35% of the 1,09,784 graduates from 272 Engineering Colleges surveyed by Nandini Voice for the deprived are not eligible to apply for placement. All these colleges surveyed are affiliated to the Anna University. Nandini Voice for the deprived is a NGO which helps the poor and the needy. Even from my own experiences I have seen HRs from various companies talk about the supply of quality engineers being less than the demand. A few companies have relaxed their rules in recent years allowing up to two arrears but you must possess good communication skills to have any chance of getting selected. I have seen students from rural areas struggle with their English language skills and eventually end up in lesser paid jobs. I think it is the responsibility of every college to train its students on communication skills. Every student must understand the need for good communication skills in an environment which requires teamwork and coordination. But above all this you have to perform well in your academics and get rid of your arrears to stay in the race.

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