Wednesday, May 28, 2008

3D Indiana - Virtual Human Body

The combination of the world of medical and engineering has produced a marvel which will revolutionize the approach of the doctors. A team of medical experts and engineers in Kerala have introduced a 3 dimensional virtual human body named as 3D Indiana which could replace cadavers in medical colleges. The 3D Indiana is an exact replica of our human body and resembles all tissues and organs in our body.

This project took more than 3 years to complete and fifteen professionals have worked together in bringing out this wonder. This simulation tool is considered better than the 1986 model developed in US called Visible Human Body Project. The application is completely user friendly and matches the human body in all respects. The model is carefully sculpted after complete research and study from various real time surgeries, scans and text books. All the doctors who had an opportunity to work with this software are extremely delighted and have rendered their support for this creation. Infact this virtual body will be more visible and accessible from a surgeon's point of view than a cadaver. The product will be very useful in performing robotic surgeries and will assist in precisely locating the position of the particular part or organ. The positioning system is based on the principle of 'volumetric anatomy' which uses three intersecting axes to locate the organ based on mathematical calculations. Even the smallest bone in the human body called stapes could be identified and operated upon using this model.

The virtual human model will pioneer new inventions and provide a conceptual platform for students and scientists to work on. The next development would be to introduce new pathogens into the virtual body and explore the possible treatment options. This invention is without a speckle of doubt is a landmark feat in the field of medicine and good times will follow soon.


  1. amazing but what about the thousands of medical schools who are facing the fund crisis .
    why shouldn't it be free i mean free 3d human body for teaching purpose

  2. Amazing.............
    Kerala (India) presented a amazing but very useful work..........
    I will also useful for others....

  3. Amazing..........
    This work from Kerala(India) is a millstone to medical feild..........


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