Wednesday, May 28, 2008

3D Indiana - Virtual Human Body

The combination of the world of medical and engineering has produced a marvel which will revolutionize the approach of the doctors. A team of medical experts and engineers in Kerala have introduced a 3 dimensional virtual human body named as 3D Indiana which could replace cadavers in medical colleges. The 3D Indiana is an exact replica of our human body and resembles all tissues and organs in our body.

This project took more than 3 years to complete and fifteen professionals have worked together in bringing out this wonder. This simulation tool is considered better than the 1986 model developed in US called Visible Human Body Project. The application is completely user friendly and matches the human body in all respects. The model is carefully sculpted after complete research and study from various real time surgeries, scans and text books. All the doctors who had an opportunity to work with this software are extremely delighted and have rendered their support for this creation. Infact this virtual body will be more visible and accessible from a surgeon's point of view than a cadaver. The product will be very useful in performing robotic surgeries and will assist in precisely locating the position of the particular part or organ. The positioning system is based on the principle of 'volumetric anatomy' which uses three intersecting axes to locate the organ based on mathematical calculations. Even the smallest bone in the human body called stapes could be identified and operated upon using this model.

The virtual human model will pioneer new inventions and provide a conceptual platform for students and scientists to work on. The next development would be to introduce new pathogens into the virtual body and explore the possible treatment options. This invention is without a speckle of doubt is a landmark feat in the field of medicine and good times will follow soon.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Learning from the Royals

Starting the tournament as underdogs the Rajasthan Royals could well be the favorites to win the title of Indian Premier League. They aren't in this position because lady luck has favored them but because of the hard work and confidence of the boys led by an astute captain cum coach called Shane Warne. The most important thing that we should learn from the success of this team is that we should always be happy with whatever resources available to us and make the maximum use of it.

Leadership is an art and Warne has mastered it turning a bunch of talented youngsters into match winners. Today teams like the Royal Challengers and Kolkata Knight Riders are blaming the selection issues and lack of infrastructure for their lackluster show in the tournament and neither the captain nor the coach has assumed responsibility for the poor show. Shane Warne was presented with a team on which the owners didn't even spend their full money in the auction. But he accepted his team with both hands and didn't complain. Now they are leading the table. This is what a person should learn in his life of adapting yourself to any situation and come out successfully rather than blaming it on the lack of resources. Every individual should be content with his life and keep trying to achieve more.

A good leader should always be ahead of his team and Warne has been a source of inspiration not only for his team but also the millions watching his team in action. A word of caution though at this point for the Rajasthan Royals with lots of youngsters in their team, they may get tense and fail in the big matches. The seniors in the team must continue to guide the juniors for the big matches coming up. Lets wish all the best for the Royals....!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Eligibility Blues for Engineering Graduates

Today everyone talks about the IT boom and the demand for software professionals but the bottom line is most of the students are not eligible to apply for a job in most of the top notch IT companies. Almost all the top software companies are obdurate on a minimum aggregate of 70% for a B.E student to be eligible inorder to apply for a job.

The sad thing is nearly 35% of the 1,09,784 graduates from 272 Engineering Colleges surveyed by Nandini Voice for the deprived are not eligible to apply for placement. All these colleges surveyed are affiliated to the Anna University. Nandini Voice for the deprived is a NGO which helps the poor and the needy. Even from my own experiences I have seen HRs from various companies talk about the supply of quality engineers being less than the demand. A few companies have relaxed their rules in recent years allowing up to two arrears but you must possess good communication skills to have any chance of getting selected. I have seen students from rural areas struggle with their English language skills and eventually end up in lesser paid jobs. I think it is the responsibility of every college to train its students on communication skills. Every student must understand the need for good communication skills in an environment which requires teamwork and coordination. But above all this you have to perform well in your academics and get rid of your arrears to stay in the race.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Messaging sharpens your language skills???

Nowadays parents are concerned about their child's English thanks to the SMS and instant messaging services available online. They feel the usage of shorthand language online might ruin their vocabulary and grammar. But a recent study suggests that messaging actually helps in honing their language skills thereby improving their creative ability.

Some of the words popular among the online people are LOL (laugh out loud), OMG (oh my god) TTYL (talk to you later) and most importantly "you" has shrunk to "u". But experts feel that its similar to the difference between how we speak in a conference and to our close buddy. Also the proportion of these fancy words used is very meagre nearly 3% of the estimated 1.5 million IM words used online. Everything is for good only and it lends flexibility and dynamic capabilities to your child for adjusting to any kind of situations. This is the first ever survey on this topic and so the results could be speculative. But atleast the parents can relax and stop worrying about their children as of now.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pregnant Women and Children Beware of Mobile Phones

A recent research has shown some stunning stats regarding mothers using mobile phones during pregnancy and their children affected by behavioural and emotional problems. A study by UCLA reveals the fact that pregnant ladies using mobile handsets just twice or thrice a day is good enough to produce hyperactivity and leads to their children suffering from certain abnormalities. The probability of women using mobile phones having children with behavioural problems is fifty four percent which is alarming. The Russian radiation committee has also warned about the possible hazards of mobile phone usage by both pregnant women and children. The risks are much larger when the children below 7 years of age themselves use mobile phones for communication.

GSM mobile phones operate in the 890-915 MHz band for the reverse link and 935-960 MHz for the forward link with a peak power output of 2W. The radiation fields from the mobile phones is said to penetrate only a couple of centimetres into the skin but it can influence the amount of melatonin hormone which controls sleep that is passed to the unborn via the placenta. The risks increase with the amount of mobile phone usage and radiation exposure. Much of the results have been based on surveys and study and there is vey little absolute proof on the effects of radiation. Still a lot of extensive research has to be done to explore the potential dangers of radiation. But then as they say that there is no smoke without fire I feel it is always better to prevent ourselves rather than searching for the cure after the damage has been done. All future fathers please protect your loved ones from these perils to lead a happy healthy life.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Top Private Engineering Colleges in Chennai

This is that time of the year when parents go in search of the best Engineering College for their wards. I feel I can provide some assistance in your quest for a quality college for your children. Myself being an Engineering student who just passed out I hope my thoughts will be valuable to you. I have gone to several engineering colleges across the city to participate in several competitions and symposiums. So I feel I can share my experiences with you.

Let me start with the Jeppiar institutions. I think every college owned by Jeppiar has excellent infrastructure facilities. St.Joseph's College is one the best in my view and this college produces a large number of toppers in Anna Univ exams in recent years and also excels in sports. Panimalar is also a beautiful college with outstanding facilities and faculties. They say all Jeppiar Colleges are strict but you can be completely assured that your ward will get his placement before he completes his degree. The food is exemplary in all his colleges. SSN college of Engineering is undisputedly the first choice college to opt for with excellent academic performance and produces highly successful students.The next college coming to my mind is Crescent Enginerering College. This college has evolved into one of the best in the city. It has a wonderful campus and ideally situated at Vandalur. Campus Placements are very good with almost all the eligible students getting placement. Velamaal Engineering college is another strict college but the quality of education and the number of students getting placement is outstanding. Meenakshi Sundarajan Engineering college is another wonderful college located within the city at Kodambakam and all top companies visit this college. SVCE will always remain one of the top colleges in the city and has continued to excel in all departments. Sairam Engineering College has carved a niche among the top colleges and keeps on improving day by day.

Among the Deemed Universities S.R.M and Sathyabama are the best. The other colleges of S.R.M group like Valliamai and Easwari Engineering college are also good. Some of the other colleges coming to my mind are Jerusalem Engineering college, Hindustan Engineering college and AIHT. These are the best colleges in the city according to me to the best of my knowledge. Any college that has not figured in this list might also qualify for the top slot but not in my view. This article is entirely my personal opinion based on my own experiences and not meant to hurt anyone studying in other colleges. I wish you all the best..........

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

To Tirunelveli and Back

Last week I went on an urgent official trip to Tirunelveli. No ticket was available for reservation in Train and I was forced to take the road. I landed in Koyambedu private buses complex and not even a single seat was available in any of the main travels. There was a special bus to Tirunelveli and I had no other option but to take it. Later I learnt that they collected different money from different type of people according to their urgency.

They say it takes 12 hours to Tirunelveli by road but then times have changed now thanks to the increasing traffic and poor plight of the roads. It took me 15.30 hours to reach Tirunelveli and on my way back it took 14.30 hours which is well above the estimated time. Really it was hell to sit inside the bus for so many hours in the scorching heat. In several places between Chennai and Tirunelveli the roads are being relaid and expanded and also some bridges are under construction. The Hotels on the way are worse and there is no hope of getting a quality food on the way. Its a bit of an eerie feeling when you get glued to your seat for so long with no room to strech yourself. Atlast the bus entered Tirunelveli and there was a big debate among the passengers whether to go to the new bus stand or the older one both a couple of miles apart I guess. I landed in the new bus stand and it was a beautiful one. The infrastructure was good and it had good facilities for the passengers. During my return back home I had to face the same old problems but it was slightly comforting because I selected an air conditioned bus to travel. My horrible journey came to end.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


The word Cure seems to be an antonym of Allergy and Asthma at least in my dictionary. Only an Asthma patient can understand the sufferings of another Asthma patient. The medical fraternity still hasn't found a permanent remedy for this fatal disease. The theme for this year's Asthma Day is "You Can Control Your Asthma" and this is reminiscent of the fact that Asthma cannot be cured.

No Doctor in this world is ashamed of the fact that they still haven't found a cure for Common Cold and Flu. Know why? They are viral diseases and the Doctor gives you the illusion that you feel better by prescribing antipyretics,analgesics and antibiotics. Antipyretics bring down your body temperature, the analgesic is a pain reliever and the antibiotic prevents you from infections. After a specific period of time the virus activity recedes from your body naturally and the Doctors take credit for a natural phenomenon.

If this is the case for cough and flu imagine Asthma which is much more complex to analyze and find a cure. Allergies are triggered when dust particles come in contact with your respiratory system which results in Histamine secretion and this aggravates in to respiratory infections,rhinitis,bronchitis,sinsitis and much more sufferings. Most of the persons with allergy and asthma suffer from wheezing and asthma attacks. Even though in modern times Inhalers can assist in reducing the magnitude of the attack the solution to finding a perfect cure seems impossible. Allergy shots or immunotherapy still doesn't present a concrete evidence of a cure for Asthma or Allergy.

Today everyone is proud about about laparoscopy,heart transplants,laser surgeries,etc which are more physical in the sense that everything you operate upon is visible to you but very few are prepared to take up challenges in areas like cancer,asthma,diabetes and much more diseases which require imaginative ability,vision,lateral thinking and iterative processing to come up with creative ideas to find a long term cure for these diseases. The medical researchers easily escape by citing reasons such as lack of human testing platform and other difficulties to test their ideas. On the other side just take a look at how the Electrical Engineering domain has grown over the years even providing assistance to Doctors and an electrical engineer has not even seen the current or voltage with his physical eyes. Everything is imaginary but the growth is exceptional. I think the medical domain needs some serious rethinking to be done in the way they approach a disease. But its easier said than done. At the moment we have to be content with the illusions provided by our so called Doctors.

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