Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Tai Chi, the Chinese martial arts is getting quite a few fans in Chennai.For a person who sees it for the first time it doesn't look like martial arts because the movements are very slow.Its a bit of a combination of exercise,breathing techniques,concentration and meditation.

People say it goes a long way in reducing stress,enhancing flexibility and refreshing your mind.A person doesn't need to spend too much time for this with just 20-25 minutes of training.It works both physically as well as psychologically.In Chennai centers are located in Kotturpuram,Cathedral Road,Kilpauk and West Shenoy Nagar to my knowledge.With the Western world already impressed by our very own Yoga techniques Tai Chi is also getting popular.It is really valuable for people above 40years of age,self defense of women and also for younger IT professionals and BPO employees who need some sort of refreshing exercise.A word of caution at this point is to consult only experienced and authorised trainers.I wish everyone a happy and healthy long life.....

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