Monday, April 14, 2008

Remix Numbers are killing the Spirit of Music

The number of remix songs in Tamil Cinema is increasing day by day and a few of them are getting the hit status as well. This is not a healthy situation. There is a soul inside every song and you would be hurting it in the name of remix. I don't understand the need for altering a song which has already conquered the hearts of people. Why not the music directors remix a song which is not famous and make it a big hit. But every music director picks up songs that was a huge hit in yesteryears and remix it purely for commercial intentions. I'm not a music expert but all I can see in a remix song is that the Tempo has been increased and a few dog barks are added. Even a child can do that but the music director takes credit.

The people are innocent and not bothered at all. They hear whatever comes their way and just don't care. But they have to understand that this is nothing more than cheap market tactics. Every good song is a symbol depicting the hard work of a composer which deserves respect and an untouched place in history. You just can't take it away and remodel it just like an old car. Music has life and it is for eternity. Its high time the composers understand the feelings of true music lovers and stop deceiving the vulnerable with their dirty tricks.

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