Saturday, April 5, 2008

Quick Turning Pitches - The need of the hour

India has lost a test match to South Africa in three days just weeks after their glittering performance in Australia.I feel the Indians were a bit complacent and they have only themselves to be blamed.On a wicket which suited the South African seamers the Indians had no answers.

Looking at this from another perspective the Indian cricket team and the Indian cricket fans deserve much better pitches.There is too much of inconsisitency on the types of pitches in India.Why are we not preparing spinner friendly pitches.What is the need to dilute the standard of cricket in India.If you prepare the same kind of wickets throughout the world then you are killing the diversity and taking the vareity factor out of cricket.It doesn't make any difference India playing at home or anywhere in the world.We never get turning pitches abroad and why should we yield to the pressure of foreign teams.Over the past few years I have never seen a track which spins quickly in India.Even if a pitch turns it does so slowly.If this is is the case then why not players like Amla and De Villiers play our spinners with ease.Its high time that we realise our own mistakes and view cricket as a Game of passion and not as a money generating machine.We want to see the foreign team batsmen dance to the twists and turns of our spinners.As of now the future seems dark and no one can save cricket from getting predictable and sombre...

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