Sunday, March 1, 2009

Need for Interdental care

Brushing your teeth everyday helps you protect your teeth from cavities. But a majority of the tooth loss in adults is not due to tooth decay but it is because of gum disease. Therefore gum care becomes very essential in order to protect them from bacterias. Gum disease can affect you at any age making your gums tender, swollen and red resulting in bleeding, bad breath and loose teeth.

We should realise the need for cleaning between the teeth. Flossing provides you the solution for preventing gum disease. Take a 50cm floss and wrap it around each middle finger leaving 5cm in between. Now hold it firm and gently slide it between your teeth without hurting your gums. Make a curve and move it up and down the sides of each tooth. Repeat the procedure for all the teeth by unrolling a new portion of the floss as you proceed from one tooth to another.

Some of the other products designed for interdental care are interdental brushes and interdental woodsticks. The brushes are suitable for people with wide spaces between their teeth and people who are using clips on their teeth. The woodsticks can also be used for massaging the gums. If you follow your interdental cleaning plan the likelihood of you getting any dental infections is minimum.

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