Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Miserable Roads of Madipakkam

Yesterday me and my friend hit the roads of Madipakkam in my friend's bike to visit another friend's home. As we reached an area called Kannan Nagar our bike got punctured.We were left stranded near the Lifeline Hospital. Fortunately we had a mechanic shop nearby and brought the man to fix the tyre. After analyzing the tyre he brought out an eight inch long sharp iron rod from the tyre. We got the tyre repaired and got back home.

Actually these things happen on roads but the point I'm trying to say is not just about the dangerous elements strewn on the roads but also about poor maintenance of the roads. Its always a roller coaster ride to drive on Madipakkam roads and the terrain of the land is such that at some places you have to ride up and down the road. Last year my friend had an accident riding his bicycle down a ditch that took him completely by surprise. He had a broken jaw and fractured his hand. Madipakkam is one of the worst affected areas during rainy days with water entering almost every house bringing along with it snakes, frogs and other little creatures. The roads get washed away by the rains and only traces remain. Madipakkam deserves better roadways for safe travelling and better riding experience. Madipakkam is a beautiful place with wonderful people. It is ideally situated and every important place in the city can be reached quickly from here. I guess the railways are also working to extend train facilities to Madipakkam. Things are looking up for Madipakkam and now its up to th residents there to unify and fight for their rights to develop the infrastructure in Madipakkam.

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