Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Over the past few weeks Hogenakkal is in the news for all the wrong reasons. Blame it on the media, the infamous politicians or on the innocent people of both the states, the issue has been blown out of proportion.Hogenakkal is meant to be a beautiful picnic spot,a splendid water falls and a celebration of the unity between Karnataka and TamilNadu.But thats not how it stands now.

From TamilNadu Government's point of view they claim Hogenakkal is well within TamilNadu's border and finishing the project will benefit the people of Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri who will get hygienic drinking water rather than the flouride contaminated water available to them now.On the other hand Karnataka farmers are unhappy with the project and the fishermen are worried about the loss of livelihood. The TamilNadu Government is on a see-saw and the Karnataka Government is currently without an elected Chief minister.I was absolutely impressed by former CM Jayalalitha's comments on the TamilNadu CM yesterday but then its nothing more than a political outcry with no concrete solution to preserve the welfare of innocent citizens.Its very uncivilized to see few people of Karnataka attacking the Tamil people and properties and also in Tamilnadu attacks are aimed at a few Kannada speaking people.After all we all are Indians and we dont deserve this sort of a treatment.

The media has clearly failed in bringing about the truth to the public and it has taken a safer neutral stand till now.I firmly believe violence in any form is never the solution to anything and everything is achieved only through peace.There are people who know more than us and let them find a solution for this keeping in mind the interests of both the states.We citizens should wait patiently and leave it in to the hands of people elected by us.Lets stand together as Indians.Jai Hind!

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