Thursday, April 17, 2008


It is that time of the year when final year engineering students in Chennai throng the project centers for their project kits. It’s a part of the engineering course to do a project in final year as a symbol of what you have learnt all these four years. But most of the students think the other way. They see it as the final hurdle in getting a B.E certificate and go for the easier way of getting it done from a project center. The project centers on the other hand utilize the innocence of the students and demand money which is well in excess of the actual cost of making it. One of my friends was charged a mammoth Rs.18, 000 for a project that was not even worth Rs.1000.

Looking from the student’s perspective the project is simply a bizarre experience. I have seen intellectual students struggle to finish their project due to lack of experience. Doing projects on their own they spend a lot of time and money in deciding the apt components and also testing them. Few people are blessed with good guides for their projects. Spare a thought for the not so studious guys. How do you expect a person who has arrears and is not so brilliant in understanding the concepts to do a project on his own? He naturally runs to a project center.

This is a precarious situation and should be dealt with carefully. Project centers shouldn’t be allowed to flourish. Rather the Government can take the initiative to allow the students to carry out their project work in Government entities. A suitable fee can also be collected which could be utilized in the interest of the Nation. Electrical engineers can be allowed to do the wiring process in an electric train, Mechanical engineers can be utilized in automobile units and so on. But this requires supervision and training. Its hard to implement these but never impossible. The meritorious students can be put in research labs and asked to come up with solutions. Its easier said than done but there has to be some action taken at some point of time to stop the unfair business done by the project centers. I hope someone understands what I’m trying to say…

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