Sunday, April 13, 2008


Ferrari SpA, the sports car masters have set 2010 as the target for entering the Indian market. The Italian company was already reported to be introduced in India by 2008 but now they have delayed it by a couple of years simply because of the fact that they want to extend their reputation in India by setting up a good infrastructure network prior to their launch in india. They believe in customer satisfaction and so we can expect a few promotional events in India in the following years.

The Fiat SpA Company owns 85% of the Ferrari company and is currently involved in a joint venture with Tata Motors Ltd in India.India is the new star attraction for foreign investors and Ferrari don't want to miss out either.In a country where it is already well known thanks to the heroics of Schumacher and the viewership of Formula One racing here, promoting their products will never be a big agenda.But the challenge will lie in delivering their cars at compatible price levels which may not go well with the makers.Ferrari are presently doing a promotional tour in India called The Magic India Discovery Drive covering major cities.It is a fact that Ferrari will not be affordable for a large section of the Indian population.But just can't wait to see the scarlet sedans sizzle on Indian roads....

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