Friday, April 25, 2008

Lifestyle Diseases on the rise in India

The unhealthy lifestyle of professionals and businessmen has resulted in an increase in the number of lifestyle diseases like obesity, heart diseases, osteoporosis, cancer and many more chronic disorders which may demand lifetime medications. In modern days people work for 8-10 hours a day and spend most of the time inside a building away from the natural surroundings. They go to work before sunrise and return back during night living in an artificial environment everyday.

A majority of the employees suffer from Vitamin D deficiencies due to lack of exposure to sunlight. They remain hooked to their desktops remaining stationary for longer periods developing vision problems and muscular disorders. In modern times food habits have changed a lot and several diseases like obesity, blood pressure, ulcer, diabetes etc can be attributed to the faulty diet practices of the people. These diseases apart from reducing your life span makes you live a turbulent life. The people's earnings will be vastly affected by chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes and respiratory diseases which are long term life long diseases.

Reports suggest that India will incur a loss of $237 billion by 2015 because of these lifestyle diseases. The quality of labour and their efficiency will drop considerably as a result of these diseases. The number of people affected by these diseases increases day by day dangerously but these diseases can be prevented or controlled by proper planning and following simple hygiene routines. Sometimes the urge to earn more and the passion for our work may make us blind to our degree of vulnerability to these diseases. Its high time that we wake up to this new challenge and redeem ourselves by following a healthy lifestyle and taking in nutritious diet.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Miserable Roads of Madipakkam

Yesterday me and my friend hit the roads of Madipakkam in my friend's bike to visit another friend's home. As we reached an area called Kannan Nagar our bike got punctured.We were left stranded near the Lifeline Hospital. Fortunately we had a mechanic shop nearby and brought the man to fix the tyre. After analyzing the tyre he brought out an eight inch long sharp iron rod from the tyre. We got the tyre repaired and got back home.

Actually these things happen on roads but the point I'm trying to say is not just about the dangerous elements strewn on the roads but also about poor maintenance of the roads. Its always a roller coaster ride to drive on Madipakkam roads and the terrain of the land is such that at some places you have to ride up and down the road. Last year my friend had an accident riding his bicycle down a ditch that took him completely by surprise. He had a broken jaw and fractured his hand. Madipakkam is one of the worst affected areas during rainy days with water entering almost every house bringing along with it snakes, frogs and other little creatures. The roads get washed away by the rains and only traces remain. Madipakkam deserves better roadways for safe travelling and better riding experience. Madipakkam is a beautiful place with wonderful people. It is ideally situated and every important place in the city can be reached quickly from here. I guess the railways are also working to extend train facilities to Madipakkam. Things are looking up for Madipakkam and now its up to th residents there to unify and fight for their rights to develop the infrastructure in Madipakkam.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Today I had TCS medical checkup at Lifeline Multi Speciality Hospital in Perungudi,Chennai. I attended my interview on July 3,2007 and today I completed my medical checkup and awaiting my results.

It all started in the morning and we were asked to assemble in the Hospital by 7.30AM with an empty stomach and a full bladder.The first step is to fill out a form that will be provided to you in exchange for the xerox copy of the front page of your offer letter.Blood samples were taken from our body in the lab and you will be asked to wait for the Ultrasound Scan.Once the scan was taken you can head to the toilet for your Urine sample.Then an X-ray was taken and a master health check up was done.After this an ECG was taken and we headed to Madipakkam for our dental and eye checkup.That is it the medical checkup is over...

Thursday, April 17, 2008


It is that time of the year when final year engineering students in Chennai throng the project centers for their project kits. It’s a part of the engineering course to do a project in final year as a symbol of what you have learnt all these four years. But most of the students think the other way. They see it as the final hurdle in getting a B.E certificate and go for the easier way of getting it done from a project center. The project centers on the other hand utilize the innocence of the students and demand money which is well in excess of the actual cost of making it. One of my friends was charged a mammoth Rs.18, 000 for a project that was not even worth Rs.1000.

Looking from the student’s perspective the project is simply a bizarre experience. I have seen intellectual students struggle to finish their project due to lack of experience. Doing projects on their own they spend a lot of time and money in deciding the apt components and also testing them. Few people are blessed with good guides for their projects. Spare a thought for the not so studious guys. How do you expect a person who has arrears and is not so brilliant in understanding the concepts to do a project on his own? He naturally runs to a project center.

This is a precarious situation and should be dealt with carefully. Project centers shouldn’t be allowed to flourish. Rather the Government can take the initiative to allow the students to carry out their project work in Government entities. A suitable fee can also be collected which could be utilized in the interest of the Nation. Electrical engineers can be allowed to do the wiring process in an electric train, Mechanical engineers can be utilized in automobile units and so on. But this requires supervision and training. Its hard to implement these but never impossible. The meritorious students can be put in research labs and asked to come up with solutions. Its easier said than done but there has to be some action taken at some point of time to stop the unfair business done by the project centers. I hope someone understands what I’m trying to say…

Monday, April 14, 2008

Remix Numbers are killing the Spirit of Music

The number of remix songs in Tamil Cinema is increasing day by day and a few of them are getting the hit status as well. This is not a healthy situation. There is a soul inside every song and you would be hurting it in the name of remix. I don't understand the need for altering a song which has already conquered the hearts of people. Why not the music directors remix a song which is not famous and make it a big hit. But every music director picks up songs that was a huge hit in yesteryears and remix it purely for commercial intentions. I'm not a music expert but all I can see in a remix song is that the Tempo has been increased and a few dog barks are added. Even a child can do that but the music director takes credit.

The people are innocent and not bothered at all. They hear whatever comes their way and just don't care. But they have to understand that this is nothing more than cheap market tactics. Every good song is a symbol depicting the hard work of a composer which deserves respect and an untouched place in history. You just can't take it away and remodel it just like an old car. Music has life and it is for eternity. Its high time the composers understand the feelings of true music lovers and stop deceiving the vulnerable with their dirty tricks.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Ferrari SpA, the sports car masters have set 2010 as the target for entering the Indian market. The Italian company was already reported to be introduced in India by 2008 but now they have delayed it by a couple of years simply because of the fact that they want to extend their reputation in India by setting up a good infrastructure network prior to their launch in india. They believe in customer satisfaction and so we can expect a few promotional events in India in the following years.

The Fiat SpA Company owns 85% of the Ferrari company and is currently involved in a joint venture with Tata Motors Ltd in India.India is the new star attraction for foreign investors and Ferrari don't want to miss out either.In a country where it is already well known thanks to the heroics of Schumacher and the viewership of Formula One racing here, promoting their products will never be a big agenda.But the challenge will lie in delivering their cars at compatible price levels which may not go well with the makers.Ferrari are presently doing a promotional tour in India called The Magic India Discovery Drive covering major cities.It is a fact that Ferrari will not be affordable for a large section of the Indian population.But just can't wait to see the scarlet sedans sizzle on Indian roads....

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Over the past few weeks Hogenakkal is in the news for all the wrong reasons. Blame it on the media, the infamous politicians or on the innocent people of both the states, the issue has been blown out of proportion.Hogenakkal is meant to be a beautiful picnic spot,a splendid water falls and a celebration of the unity between Karnataka and TamilNadu.But thats not how it stands now.

From TamilNadu Government's point of view they claim Hogenakkal is well within TamilNadu's border and finishing the project will benefit the people of Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri who will get hygienic drinking water rather than the flouride contaminated water available to them now.On the other hand Karnataka farmers are unhappy with the project and the fishermen are worried about the loss of livelihood. The TamilNadu Government is on a see-saw and the Karnataka Government is currently without an elected Chief minister.I was absolutely impressed by former CM Jayalalitha's comments on the TamilNadu CM yesterday but then its nothing more than a political outcry with no concrete solution to preserve the welfare of innocent citizens.Its very uncivilized to see few people of Karnataka attacking the Tamil people and properties and also in Tamilnadu attacks are aimed at a few Kannada speaking people.After all we all are Indians and we dont deserve this sort of a treatment.

The media has clearly failed in bringing about the truth to the public and it has taken a safer neutral stand till now.I firmly believe violence in any form is never the solution to anything and everything is achieved only through peace.There are people who know more than us and let them find a solution for this keeping in mind the interests of both the states.We citizens should wait patiently and leave it in to the hands of people elected by us.Lets stand together as Indians.Jai Hind!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Quick Turning Pitches - The need of the hour

India has lost a test match to South Africa in three days just weeks after their glittering performance in Australia.I feel the Indians were a bit complacent and they have only themselves to be blamed.On a wicket which suited the South African seamers the Indians had no answers.

Looking at this from another perspective the Indian cricket team and the Indian cricket fans deserve much better pitches.There is too much of inconsisitency on the types of pitches in India.Why are we not preparing spinner friendly pitches.What is the need to dilute the standard of cricket in India.If you prepare the same kind of wickets throughout the world then you are killing the diversity and taking the vareity factor out of cricket.It doesn't make any difference India playing at home or anywhere in the world.We never get turning pitches abroad and why should we yield to the pressure of foreign teams.Over the past few years I have never seen a track which spins quickly in India.Even if a pitch turns it does so slowly.If this is is the case then why not players like Amla and De Villiers play our spinners with ease.Its high time that we realise our own mistakes and view cricket as a Game of passion and not as a money generating machine.We want to see the foreign team batsmen dance to the twists and turns of our spinners.As of now the future seems dark and no one can save cricket from getting predictable and sombre...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Tai Chi, the Chinese martial arts is getting quite a few fans in Chennai.For a person who sees it for the first time it doesn't look like martial arts because the movements are very slow.Its a bit of a combination of exercise,breathing techniques,concentration and meditation.

People say it goes a long way in reducing stress,enhancing flexibility and refreshing your mind.A person doesn't need to spend too much time for this with just 20-25 minutes of training.It works both physically as well as psychologically.In Chennai centers are located in Kotturpuram,Cathedral Road,Kilpauk and West Shenoy Nagar to my knowledge.With the Western world already impressed by our very own Yoga techniques Tai Chi is also getting popular.It is really valuable for people above 40years of age,self defense of women and also for younger IT professionals and BPO employees who need some sort of refreshing exercise.A word of caution at this point is to consult only experienced and authorised trainers.I wish everyone a happy and healthy long life.....

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