Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Why can't an Indian Citizen watch Indian Cricket?

Its really disappointing and irritating that the India-South Africa cricket series is not telecast on Doordarshan here in Chennai.Even the 20-20 World cup won by India was not shown.What wrong have we done?Don't we deserve watching a cricket match played by our own nation?The worst part is that even the commentary was not broadcast on All India Radio.A really ridiculous sitiuation indeed!

India is my Motherland and I have seen many ardent cricket fans who eat, sleep and live cricket.People worship their cricketing heroes as Gods.They clap,whistle and dance for every wicket taken and for every run scored with an empty stomach and an empty pocket.Poor children even bunk their classes to sit in front of their television sets to watch their team win.This is a cricket frenzy nation.The Conditional Access System(CAS) has killed the spirit of cricket.If the situation persists cricket will loose its supporters in the long run.A silent prayer to the heavens escapes my mouth to save these innocent cricket thirsty fans....

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