Friday, March 21, 2008


T.Nagar is at the heart of the city of Chennai.Over the years it has developed in to the biggest business zone in the city.People from all over the city visit here to buy almost anything.

All types of goods like textiles,jewellery,home appliances,books and electronic items sell big time here.T.Nagar is a hub with excellent transport facilities but for the traffic delays. There are a few five star hotels like The Residency and GRT Grand Days.Its a huge area and you can own a small house in the fringes but then the land prices are the highest and never affordable for the middle income group.There are numerous beautiful temples in T.Nagar the most renowned of them are the Shiva-Vishnu temple and the very very special Thirupathi Devasthanam.

Crowd management and parking facilities are still a major problem here.During Diwali festival times the land is barely visible with people everywhere.Hope the traffic problems will be solved shortly coz a new bridge is under construction.Pollution levels are a bit high too.Nonetheless a visit to T.Nagar is exciting and wish you happy shopping.

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