Saturday, March 22, 2008

McDonalds Now In Chennai

McDonalds the world's leading fast food giants are planning to open a new Restaurant in Chennai.It will be opened for the first time in Chennai at Ascendas IT park,Tharamani.They already own a hundred and thirty two restaurants in India covering major cities like Delhi,Mumbai and Jaipur.With a handful of competitors already well established in Chennai McDonalds must work hard and market their products keeping in mind the tradition of South India.And they are playing it safe by saying that they will concentrate on only one restaurant here for the time being.

McDonalds have eliminated ham and beef from their menu particularly for Indian public.They have also introduced new hybrid vareities of burgers exclusively in India.They always bank on reliable suppliers and believe in providing top class food for their customers.If they really work hard and invest more then I feel they can build a huge market here in Chennai.'Eat n Enjoy'

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