Thursday, March 27, 2008


Federer has now lost three matches in 2008 and the big question is whether he can come out of this marshy zone.For a purist like me Sampras will always be the best player ever purely for the way he played the game.But Federer has really fought hard over the years to make people believe that he is not lagging too far behind Sampras.Now lady luck has slighty started to drift away from Federer.

Winner of 12 Grand Slams he just needs 2 more wins to equal Sampras record of 14 Grand Slam wins.The recent slump in form could well prolong his chase for that elusive feat.I respect and admire Federer as a player who had enormous self belief and grit unfazed by the lack of recognition in his early days yet has carved himself more than a niche in the Tennis Hall of Fame.He rose to fame when legends like Sampras and Agassi were on the decline but thats not his fault and only the Gods are to be blamed.In an era where players like Hewitt couldn't cope with the pressures of modern Tennis and players like Nadal completely one-dimensional Federer has stood tall in his own style.Federer is a true Legend and once in a life time player.I firmly stand by Federer to beat Sampras record no matter his current form.But then I'll always regard Sampras ahead of Federer and thats the way it goes......

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