Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Follow Me Follow U

Follow Me Follow You is an interesting service provided by 3HK in Hong Kong. It enables you to track down the precise location of the person whom you want to track in real time. The service requires a subscription fee of $25 and once activated the user can prefix "*66" before the mobile number he/she intends to call for tracking then dial out. Then he receives an sms which contains the current location of the mobile. This information is extremely useful to parents who wish to track their children.There is also an option which prevents others from tracking you.

There are some privacy issues to be addressed over here. Authorisation can be obtained from telecom authorities on certain grounds. Parents can get authorisation from government to track their child who could be a minor. Its a user friendly system and promises to percolate in to newer applications like theft identification,crash notification and other legal issues.This project is now in development in INDIA also.

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