Tuesday, March 18, 2008

F1 2008 - ARE U READY

Gone are the days when Schumi won almost every race he drove and established himself as the undisputed king of Formula 1 racing.He looked invincible untill one man named Alonso put his hand up and drove his rattling Renault past the flinching Ferrari to clinch the title from the legend.

Just as we thought Alonso is gonna rule the world a British Rookie Hamilton was staring at Alonso's face with vigor turning Alonso in to a complainig school boy as if he forgot his driving skills.But fate had its own plan and there emerged the man Raikkonen taking the Trophy in a cliff hanger.

Boy..! what a season we had last year and this year will be no different.I have a vague feeling that a new Hero will arise this season who will rule the world.Gotta wait n see........

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