Sunday, March 23, 2008

AGNI 1 Passes The Test

India test-fired its new missile AGNI-1 on sunday and it was declared a success by the scientists.This is India's first solid fuel missile and it was launched from a mobile launch pad unit in the Bay of Bengal at 10.15AM.It is a nuclear-capable short range ballistic missile with better re-entry technology and tracking facilities.

Range: 700-900Km
Height: 15m
Weight: 12 tonnes
Payload: 1000Kg

A small error in the test was that the missile fell short of its target of 700Km by 50Km but the DRDO officials brushed aside the issue claiming that it was not a fault.Now the missile is fully operational ready to spit fire on enemies.Post-mission analysis are being carried out from data obtained from radar stations.It has become a cliche that Pakistan sooner or later replies to any missile tested by India and only time will tell what Pakistan can come up with.

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