Friday, December 19, 2008

HAVA Titanium HD

Monsoon Multimedia have come up with a new concept called anytime anywhere television. The device enables you to multicast high definition streaming videos from a television or a Dvd player to multiple PCs or Laptops via the WLAN within your home or through the internet to a remote terminal. HDTVs are the future of high quality motion pictures with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and resolution of about 1024×768. The new HAVA Titanium HD acts like a set top box which could be connected even to mobile phones.

The product comes with a wireless network adapter dongle which works in IEEE802.11g WiFi standard which fits with a USB connector. The performance depends on the connection speed you have and it includes time shifting and place shifting features. It will definitely open out newer paths in video sharing and mobile television domains. This is currently priced between $200 to $250. Hope you have a great experience!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Join the flat belly revolution

Everyone wishes to have a flat belly because they believe being thinner implies looking younger. Apart from the beauty perspective one has to think beyond in terms of health aspects also. By expelling the excess fat from our body we can lead a healthy life by staying away from diseases like obesity, blood pressure, diabetes, etc. So the search is on for that elusive Flat Belly Diet. Research has turned all the attention to certain types of fats called MUFAs that are believed to make a difference in obese people. If you are really bullish about losing weight you can join the flat belly program and share your experiences. The flat belly diet book is the key to a slim figure and it has produced results in many people. An amazing aspect of this program is that you don't need to exercise or put yourself under any physical activities. You just have to follow the diet procedures correctly and blog your improvements so that you can share your success story with the world. This fabulous venture by Prevention magazine is going to change the lives of many people and instill confidence in their minds. One of them could be you. Just don't miss it.



Friday, November 14, 2008

The Computer Mouse

Everyone uses the mouse everyday to communicate with the computer. It has enabled even the not so computer proficient people to interact with the computer easily by just clicking on objects on the screen. The olden day mechanical mouse had two rubber wheels perpendicular to one another for motion along the two axes. The wheels were used to drive a variable resistor or a potentiometer and the change in resistance was proportional to the distance moved on the screen. Later the wheels were replaced by a rubber ball for better design. The optical mouse has an LED and a photodetector that operate in unison by sensing the number of lines crossed on the surface from the reflected light. The optomechanical mouse combines both the optical and mechanical techniques to position objects on the screen. A low level software in the computer makes it possible for the interface to be complete to transfer data for communication between the system and mouse.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Premier Medical Assistant School Online

Medical Assistant is a promising profession for the future. The health care industry is expected to grow rapidly in the future and so the demand for medical assistants will be pinnacle. St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants is providing a great opportunity for working people to pursue a medical assistant course and walk away with your certificate within a couple of months. The program is custom designed for people to sit at home and study online with ease by health care experts. The classes can be arranged according to your expediency and they provide 24 hour assistance for aspiring medical assistant trainees. The training provided by them is the best and implementing your theoretical knowledge in labs is vital. St. Augustine medical assistant school is the leading portal for medical assistant training online and the program will land you on top paying firms making your life happy. I wish you good luck for a prosperous career.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The best Popcorn store at downtown McKinney

Fresh popcorn is one of the delicious components of any celebration with family and friends. Times have changed and now popcorn is available in various flavors and shapes. Mom and Popcorn company located on Louisiana street offers 45 authentic flavors of gourmet popcorn along with old fashioned candy and sodas. You can also order your favorite popcorn online and enjoy a basket everyday. Popcorn is available in different delicious flavors like original, candied, caramel/nuts, caramel and savory. Personally I like the caramel flavor which smells wonderful and love to munch them everyday.

The mouthwatering candy will make you nostalgic and remind you about the flavors of the past. Kids will love the colorful presentation of popcorn and also enjoy the sweet candy. Loads of popcorn will be the perfect presentation for festivals and special occasions. You can opt for gift boxes, gift pails or gift tins with special greetings embedded on them. If you can't resist your popcorn temptation go for the bigger popcorn balls to appease your hungry desire. The hallmark of Mom and Popcorn company is their quality and customer service. The popcorn is made daily and they will always sell fresh. No other place in Texas Mckinney offers you top class popcorn at such attractive prices. Popcorn is made from corn and so it is also healthy. Another unique feature of Mom and Popcorn company is that if you are somehow not happy with the order you can always get them replaced or else get your money back. Now you know that the customer is the king at Mom and Popcorn. So you can trust them and maintain a relationship with them for a long time to come.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Feel the euphoria at Downtown McKinney

The 28th annual Dickens of a Christmas festival is just around the corner and make sure that you make the best use of it to rejoice yourself. A plethora of events has been planned to make you ecstatic and kick start your Christmas celebrations along with your family. The McKinney Dickens event gives you a perfect opportunity to let your hair down and enjoy life to the fullest. Meet the Santa Claus and get his blessings and wishes for a happy healthy life. The shops will be open for extended hours so that you can take home some rare beautiful articles. There are three days of nonstop fun to enjoy your holiday this season. This is a community event and you will get to see different types of people and share your ideas with them. It will also be a great learning experience for kids to get accustomed to a party atmosphere and get along with people. The festival will take you back to those olden days and live life like those people without any stress or agony. You will also enjoy eating at the fabulous restaurants. Center stage this year at the McKinney Dickens event is the snow tubing hill which you can enjoy with your family.

Cool Casino Ministering Angel

Playing poker at is one of the best experiences I ever had in my life. Just came across this site and downloaded the poker application. The interface is very nice and I started playing for fun. Then I enjoyed all the games and so I started playing with money. I loved playing in the full screen mode. Ministering Angel is the best casino ever and the coolest casino portal in the world. Initially every new player will get $5 and then you can make transactions via EPAY. They also provide $150 match bonus which is wonderful. Some of the most popular games are Cards & Table, Video pokers, Slots 3 reels and Slots 5 reels. My favorite game is the joker poker and I had a lot of fun playing it. I just couldn't resist the temptation and always wanted more. Now don't waste time and just visit the best casino ever and rejoice. Happy Poker..!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Buy LCD Televisions at ShopWiki

ShopWiki is the NO.1 shopping portal with almost 30,000 stores to choose from. In the present gloomy global economy ShopWiki is a silver lining for shoppers helping them save money and buy products easily online. Online shopping is hassle free and saves your time and energy. LCD Televisions have taken the world by storm and have revolutionized television technology. ShopWiki's LCD Televisions Buying Guide will educate you on the merits and demerits of LCD technology and provides plenty of tips to pick the perfect product for you.

A plethora of LCD television brands are available at ShopWiki and they are grouped according to the price ranges. I personally prefer the LG 32LG6000 because of its attractive features and glamorous looks lending value for money. LG Scarlet comes in the price range £340.40 — £629.97 and you can select from over 31 stores to buy the product.

The ShopWiki Shopping Directory will help you identify the best online stores to buy at the best prices. The fastest ShopWiki search engine will land you at the top merchants for a happy shopping experience.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Week

This week is turning out to be a great week for Indians. Today ISRO's lunar mission Chandrayaan-1 was successfully launched into the space. Yesterday India completed a test victory against the might Aussies. Sachin Tendulkar became the highest run getter in one-dayers as well as in test matches. India's Chess genius Vishwanathan Anand is in great form and he is dominating Vladimir Kramnik by extending his lead to 3 points. With Diwali around the corner things are really ecstatic.

Frugal strategy for Eyewear

Everybody wants to buy the best products for cheaper prices. The global economy is weak and so we must concentrate on saving money in whatever we buy. Eyeglasses are ubiquitous and are a part of modern day life. But they are expensive. High quality eyeglasses at cheaper prices are available at Zenni Optical. sells Stylish Prescription Glasses Online from $8. It is a hub for fashionable eyeglasses and reputed for its huge selection of frames and lenses. Zenni Optical manufactures frames and sells them directly to customers without a relaying process. So the prices are ostensibly cheaper and the quality is paramount. Frames are available in different styles and shapes to cater to all classes of people. They also provide you with plenty of options to choose from in the design of your eyewear. The Chicago Tribune has quoted Zenni Optical as one of the best places online to buy cheap eyeglasses. Zenni was also recently on the fox news owing to its increasing popularity and pinnacle customer service. It is always good to buy online because you can browse through the entire variety of eyeglasses and choose the best one for you at home. Now what are you waiting for? New frames have arrived at Zenni and grab your piece right away.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Opening my Samsung monitor back cover

use a black color CRT Samsung syncmaster793s monitor with a 17'' display for my computer. I bought it 3years ago and it is still working in perfect condition. Last week when I was cleaning the computer system after a long time I noticed through the holes at the back of the monitor lots of dust and cobwebs that got accumulated on the board and circuits inside the monitor. It irritated me and I thought of cleaning them immediately. But I struggled to remove the back cover of the monitor. I removed a couple of screws at the bottom but the top portion of the cover was struck. I didn't find a solution for a couple of weeks and later one my friends showed it to me. Actually opening the back cover and cleaning inside is not a good idea but being an electronic student myself I shrugged off the fears and went ahead. To remove the back cover first unscrew the two screws at the bottom and then insert a blunt screw driver into each of the slots at the top of the monitor and press below. Care should be taken not to damage the cover. Now the cover easily comes off and you can clean it inside with a soft material.

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Greatest Gaming Experience with Nintendo Wii

Gaming is a passion for many of us and we never feel satisfied but we want more. The search for that optimum gaming experience ends at Nintendo Wii. Nintendo has the reputation for being the best and life beckons you to try out the latest Nintendo Wii gaming console. With a multitude of Wii games to choose from and more new games emerging everyday you just can't miss out. Particularly the Wii fit game is a completely different experience and it is the most popular game of the year. The brand Nintendo connotes quality and value for money. The Wii consoles are extremely user friendly and high performance gadgets. The graphics are a class apart and the execution is flawless. The website savebuckets is the best place to buy Wii games and consoles at cheaper prices. You can compare prices to find the best possible prices online. The product will be delivered at your door steps quickly. So just join the fun and order your Wii games today.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Try Roof Top Gardening

Today most of the people living in big metropolitan cities are basically from a rural background. Many of them will have a penchant for flora. But often they don't have any ground space available to grow their favorite plants. Today just a thousand square feet of land is enough to construct a small hosue with the walls also serving as the fence. A better alternative for those gardening enthusiasts is roof top gardening. Roof top gardening is not a new concept. The hanging gardens of Babylon are the best example. Hotels and restaurants have traditionally made use of this concept effectively. There rooftop gardens acts as ecological oasis in the midst of concrete desert and help enhance the quality of air, reduce pollution and dust, insulate from heat and cold, harvest rain water for plant use and conserve ground space. More than everything they add to the aesthetic value of our household. Certain precautions are necessary before embarking on roof top gardening. The roof must be strong enough to support the garden structure and also leak proof. Roof top gardening is restricted to plants with shallow and fibrous roots because deep rooted plants may damage the building.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Fashion Design Schools and Careers

The Fashion industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. It is an evergreen industry with a plethora of job opportunities. The industry is also less susceptible to market pressures and has a wider scope. People with a passion for creativity and hunger for innovation can earn big in this industry. Pursuing a career in fashion design will be an astute decision and there are plenty of fashion schools to study. Getting a degree in fashion design will go a long way in fulfilling your dreams. The website is a one stop place to learn everything about fashion design and career opportunities. The fashion schools directory will help you find the best place to develop your skills as a fashion designer. People interested in fashion marketing, merchandising or retail can benefit from the website. There is a bright future for people associated with fashion design and allied operations. So join a fashion school today and kick start your career as a fashion guru.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Indian Bank Employees need counselling

Last month when I went to a reputed government bank here in T.Nagar, Chennai to take a DD for my friend I didn't get a kind response from an official there. When I inquired about the procedure to take a DD that boorish bank employee replied with frustration "Nee padichavan thaaneya?" (Aren't you a literate?"). I was shocked. I just passed out of my college and to be honest I'm not proficient with the banking system. Feeling dejected I thought of approaching another bank but my friend needed the DD urgently and so I somehow managed to complete the procedure with some help from the visitors. I left the place mulling over the fact whether it is my mistake or the official's fault. Is it the job of the bank to educate its customers or else the customers have to educate themselves? I'm sure that many of you would have experienced a similar situation with banks in our country. I wonder why would people like us often get insulted at places like banks, hospitals, ration shops, public buses and many more offices. We expect service from these people but receive only misery. There is no room for human values and no respect for a co-human in this country. I would be happy if at least one person understands what I'm trying to say...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The best Online Casino Reviews

online casino

Welcome to the world of casinos. This is where people make a lot of money by playing their favorite casino games. But selecting the best casino is the prerogative of every casino fanatic. Every casino is unique in certain aspects and you must be absolutely sure that you are in the right place. I came across a website that provides extensive reviews and in depth analysis of all the top casinos in the world all in one place. You will get all the latest information about the casinos and all the special offers available in them. Playing online poker requires careful analysis about the various factors such as game experience, trust score and bonuses offered. Pro360 will help you find the perfect casino on earth. I found the online gambling tips extremely helpful and sharpened my poker skills. The beginners can benefit from the online guide and playing instructions. Watch out for the ratings provided by Pro360 for every casino to get the best online poker experience.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Time to move on to the Ka-band

The radio spectrum is one of the scarcest resources available today. The demand for bandwidth is increasing everyday and now India has decided to open the new Ka-band for communication. This will vastly improve the speed and quality of direct-to-home services, internet and other wireless applications. The Ka-band covers frequencies in the range 27-40 GHz according to IEEE classification. The new band will enable rapid downloading and it will help the reception of TV channels on mobile phones.

The bands presently in use are the VHF, UHF, S, C, and Ku bands. C-band (4-8 GHz) is used for cable television distributed from those large dish antennas installed at the service provider's area. Ku-band (12-18 GHz) is used for DTH services. But these bands are nearing saturation. If not for the multiplexing strategy these bands would have exhausted decades ago. Now the Ka-band will certainly have a major impact in our life. If this band gets depleted then we have to move to the millimeter wave band but that is not an issue today.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Anti-malarial virus

American researchers have found a new virus that can infect Anopheles mosquitos which act as carriers of the parasite causing malaria. The idea is to use the virus to pass on genetic information that will kill the mosquito before it infects humans. Malaria is one of the leading causes of death in rural areas of asia and africa. Drugs are available to treat the disease but most of the people die because of lack of awareness. Prevention is always better than cure. The new virus AgDNV is a densovirus type and it can secrete a strong toxin inside the mosquito or ask the mosquito to die in 10 days. It was a fairy tale discovery while they were researching on Wolbachia bacteria. But there is a long way to go from here to implement the strategy for malaria control in real life.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Share your nuttiness

Everyone in this world has a lighter side. Some of us are willing to share our quirks with others but others tend to keep their funny side to themselves. Are You Normal or Nuts? It might be a strange question but the fact is that we cannot live a boredom life and pass like clouds. We need to make our presence felt by everyone and make others happy. Now if you read this article Are You Normal or Nuts? you will get to know about the crazy world you are living in. There is a new dimension to life which is called nuttiness. Read the experiences of others at Reader's Digest Laughs and try to realize your lighter side. Your comments are invited for the articles. If you are daring enough to reveal your own quirks post them too and see others react to them. Reader's Digest is the best and you can retune your life by reading. I always feel empty in my brain whenever I stand outside the exam hall just a few moments before my exam. Well, it happens and you got to learn to live with it. My friends give me a stern look whenever I say this to them because I always get good marks. Now just join the fun by posting your experiences.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

More on your Mobile

For all those who think your mobile phone is doing enough for you it is not yet over. Mobile companies are working on integrating more and more technologies into our mobile phones. Nokia is working with three companies such as Valimo Wireless, Openbit and Upcode for multipurpose mode of operation. Short distance communication applications are in the hotlist of top mobile companies. A mobile phone in the future can be used as a smart card, credit/debit card, ID card and even for information extraction. You will be able to get travel timetables and make money transactions with your mobile phones.

Valimo wireless solutions is working on mobile banking for Nokia and the technology transforms the mobile device into an ID card for authentication purposes. The mobile phone will encrypt your PIN number and send it for authentication. This helps in online banking and cardless ATM withdrawals. Openbit company is working with an on-device payment and Digital Rights Management system. They also provide online billing services for mobile networks all around the world. Upcode delivers a freeware system that enables your phone to access the web just by pointing your mobile phone at a code. Now this all in one system will penetrate soon in our homes.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Holiday shopping online

I have always been a person who goes on a shopping spree during the holidays of festival season. One reason for doing so is that we get the best offers during festival time by which we can save money unlike the normal days. But shopping can sometimes become a harrowing experience due to the large number of deceptive sellers and the huge crowd during holidays. It is time for things to change now. Technology has made it possible to sit at home and purchase anything online safely. Buying on cyber monday is considered an auspicious day for online shopping. I would suggest you to go for online shopping on Black Friday. A BF site will help you save money significantly.

black friday online is one of the best sites to get all the sales information in one place. I wish to decorate my wardrobe with the finest clothes for this Christmas. I noticed a plethora of costumes available from the specials for me. Everything is at affordable prices and I hope to take home a few shirts and a gorgeous wrist watch. Black Friday Online will also mail us all the new ads and offers instantly so that we can keep track of the latest trends in the market.

Liars blink abnormally

The next time you suspect a person to be lying keep an aye on his eyes. Lying has been linked to aberrant blinking in an interesting study. The non-verbal behaviour study has come up with the fact that liars blink less than normal during lying and then followed by rapid blinking upto eight times faster than usual. This may not be the flawless technique but it will certainly support findings in an investigation. But there is definitely a difference in the blinking patterns between liars and truth tellers. The reason maybe that liars need to create tales and be vigilant on their words so that they defend themselves. They should also remember their earlier testimonies inorder to be consistent and appear honest. Actually the flurry of blinks that follow a lie is just the release of energy after the pressure of lying just like a safety valve action. But sometimes there is a possibility of aberrant blinking whenever a person is nervous and even when he is having problems with his contact lens. So the hypothesis has to be applied with caution.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Excuse Me Don't you flirt?

Do you think you are wacky? Can you make a girl or a guy admire at your hair? Well, you need Victory Hair for that. Victory Hair is the feeling that comes from your heart that tells you that you don't want to let go your loved one. This is the moment you have waited so long. The Ultimate Flirting Championship from Extreme Style by VO5 will help you get the victory hair if you flirt well. Flirting is an art and it is also a nice way to express yourself. But you don't get victory hair just by saying "Hello, what is the time please". You need to come up with a pick up line that will linger in the heart for a long time. Start playing the flirt game using the widget below. Bloggers can put this widget in your home page to give your readers that crazy experience.

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The sixth taste

Calcium which is responsible for healthy strong bones has been identified as the sixth taste that can be sensed by the tongue. The other five tastes previously discovered where sweet, sour, salty, bitter and savoury. The taste of calcium is calciumy which is a bitter taste combined with a slightly sour flavor. In our daily life we find calcium in tiny levels in drinking water which is often pleasant to our taste buds. But if calcium increases above a certain level the same water becomes obnoxious. This has a strong association with people showing antipathy towards certain vegetables. Calcium rich vegetables are spinach, broccoli, collard greens, bok choy, kale and bitter lemon. Ironically milk which is a big source of calcium doesn't taste bad because the calcium binds with the fats and proteins that suppresses its flavor. Two genes are responsible for calcium taste. A calcium-sensing receptor gene called as CaSR is present in kidney, brain and gut. Now another gene has been identified on the tongue.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Banzai is the best

Life can be very demanding and we often go places to chill out and invigorate ourselves. But how about the idea of staying indoors and playing some of the craziest games in the world with our loved ones. Playing Banzai is the perfect way to revitalize yourself. I would always prefer playing Banzai with my girlfriend because watching those cute little expressions from your soulmate can never be equal to anything in life. Banzai is all about watching video clips and betting on the outcome of a stunt with sushi using chopsticks. There is nothing serious about it and all is for fun only. The game ends when one person gets all the sushi and he is the winner.

Banzai is a product of Screenlife Games and every household should have it. It is highly suitable to play Banzai during festivals and parties with relatives and friends. Community gaming fortifies our relationship and makes us forget our problems in life. Playing Tako-gotchi online is a pleasant experience. cool wallpapers and screensavers are available for download to all Banzai fans. Banzai is the perfect game for teens and adults. Banzai game can be purchased online safely. Tako also has a Myspace profile and you can contact for any queries. I wish you all a happy Banzai experience.

ScreenLife Games is at it again. They launched a new Banzai game. Check it out:

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Communication Apprehension

Communication apprehension is the fear or anxiety of communicating in different situations. It is believed that 1 in 5 people have this problem. Some of the possible reasons for this condition maybe lack of expertise in the communicating language, lack of practice and timidity. Many of us might be good in writing a language but not so in speaking. Some of us can communicate fluently with others but stutter when asked to speak in a conference or make a presentation. People rank public speaking as their worst fear.

Fear is one factor that influences verbal communication. If we can overcome fear we can communicate confidently. First of all a person should realize that communication apprehension is a very innate and global human emotion. He should be willing to accept that he really has the problem. Analyze yourself listing down your fears and consider whether they are realistic. Taking deep breaths can significantly bring down your anxiety. In presentations it is very important to prepare well in advance and structure it so that there is a continuous flow of information. Attitude makes a difference and there is no reason in the world to think that you would fail. Memorizing is not a good idea. You have to understand the concept noting down the hints or outlines and present it perfectly. This is not easy but can be achieved through regular practice. Simulate the environment in your mind days before your presentation and build your confidence along the way. Never let it degrade you. Atlast don't get being eaten by the atmosphere and tell yourself that you are a hero and not a coward

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Flirting for fame

Flirting is a lot of fun and it does require skill and the charisma to influence others. So if you really think that you are good in flirting then you need to prove it to the world. The Ultimate Flirting Championship from Extreme Style by VO5 is the stage to unleash your flirting skills and set the world on fire. In the Ultimate Flirting Championship you will be competing against another person and a judge will decide the winner and award him the Victory Hair. You can use all the famous lines of Hollywood movies like " Bond...James Bond" to clinch victory. Sometimes you can also be the judge and present the victory hair to the winner. I played the game and it was rocking. You may never know because your opponent might be the perfect match for you in life. So while playing the game make sure that the avatar represents you and be natural in flirting. Good luck..

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Microincisional Cataract Surgery

Human eye has a transparent lens that focuses the image on to the retina. But when the lens suffers opacity light cannot pass through causing vision problems and the condition is termed as cataract. Unfortunately there is no proven cure for cataract but the prescribed treatment is surgery. In olden days cataract is surgically treated only when it is acute and mature. Today it is done at an early stage. Previously cataract surgeries were performed by carving a 12mm opening and later it shrunk to 2.8mm opening. This is possible with the aid of an ultrasonic technique called as phacomulsification. A flexible intraocular lens is then embedded in the eye. The success rate is also very high.

Today a mini keyhole surgery called as Microincisional Cataract Surgery requires only a tiny 1.6-1.8mm aperture to perform the surgery. For this a new highly flexible micro intraocular lens has been designed that will make its way through this tiny aperture and gets unfolded inside the eye. The merits of this procedure are faster sutureless surgery, quick recovery, fewer post-operative abstentions and high quality of vision. Persons who have undergone this surgery may require glasses for reading but not for distant vision. The downside is that 5% of operated persons develop a thickening of the posterior capsule but this can be easily treated by a LASER procedure.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Ultimate Multimedia Converter Software

In our everyday life the diversity of applications around us force the use of different formats for different devices. Emerging audio and video market is introducing a new multimedia format frequently. We are always on the hunt for a single software that can do the job for us by converting all formats to our own desired configuration. Blaze Media Pro Multimedia Software can help you convert your files quick and easy. This mighty converter can perform conversion, ripping, editing, recording, burning and playback all in one window. The conversions are very easy to perform and there is no loss of quality. A wide range of options is available before you start the conversion process to ensure perfection. The built-in AVI converter is unique and highly flexible. Extracting an image from a video file or creating a video file from a set of images can never be easier. Inserting audio or a logo into your video is also simple. A plethora of tools and utilities are also incorporated in the software.

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Happiness for longevity

Once upon a time a King asked the famous Tamil Poet Pisirandhaiyaar the reason for his youthful looks even at old age. The poet replied that he has a loving wife, intelligent people around him , great scholars in his land and a wonderful king to rule. Therefore he had no worries in his life and that is why he was so dynamic and never had a single strand of white hair in his scalp. He also had a loving friend named Koperunchozhan. Today science is proving his words right. Researches have proved that the impact of happiness on the lifespan can be analogous to that of smoking or not. They say happiness doesn't cure but it protects us from falling ill. After reviewing 30 studies conducted worldwide has revealed that a happy lifestyle can extend your lifespan by 7.5 to 10 years.

Hedonics is a new field that studies the state of mind and deals with identifying the reasons of what makes life pleasant and happy. A study discovered the most powerful proof for longevity and happiness among a group of nuns in US. They had no stress in their life and always maintained their devotion to god. This feel-good factor goes a long way in increasing your number of living days. But cheerfulness doesn't seem to delay the deathbed. Happy people remain lively, sustain more self confidence than others and make better decisions in life. So joining a laugh club won't be a bad idea. But happiness has spring from inside and it happens only from realization. So don't burden your heart with sadness hereafter and keep smiling.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pacifying Eczema

Eczema is a dreadful skin disease which is very annoying as well as demoralizing. This is a very peculiar disease and the skin becomes very sensitive to chemicals and irritants. Patients suffer from skin rashes and persistent itching. There is also lack of awareness about the disease and the patients are sometimes ill-treated by the public. Last week when I was playing cricket in a ground a small boy caught my attention. He was crying on the field and went near him to inquire. He showed me his hand and I was taken aback at the look of it. His hand was red with blisters and he kept on scratching it. I took him home and heard from his parents that he was suffering from eczema. When I reached home I searched the web for eczema cure but I found unclear information everywhere. Luckily I stumbled upon the exederm site.


Exederm have been working on ultra sensitive skin care products and they are willing to challenge the world with their products for eczema treatment. Childhood Eczema can affect the child not only physically but mentally as well. The onus is on the parents to identify eczema in its early stage and get it treated by proper medical care. I have had my own miseries with skin care products. I wonder how a child can cope up with eczema. But I found the treatment schedule designed by exederm fascinating. First a flare control cream then a moisturizer and finally the cleansing wash. The three will make the perfect combination that will keep eczema away from you. exederm products are odourless and colorless as well as they are free from parabens and lanolin. So it is completely safe and healthy to use these products.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Smoking genes

All those who are wondering why you can't quit smoking eventhough you would like to stop here is the answer. A recent research has associated the addiction to smoking with a particular gene in our body. People are generally classified as two types. One type of persons experience nausea, coughing, sneezing and other discomforts after their first puff ever in life. The other class of people have a gene combination that makes them enjoy smoking right from their first drag of smoke. So it is either pleasing or jarring to our body in the first attempt. Individuals who enjoy smoking in their early days are more susceptible to get addicted to smoking and surrender to smoking habit innately.

They fail to realize that it is a trap and that it will lead to a world of inconceivable risk factors ending up in a point of no return. Smoking increases the risk for lung cancer which is the leading cause of cancer death in men worldwide and the second leading cause among the females. Scientists have discovered that chain smokers are more likely to have a change in the CHRNA5 nicotine receptor gene. The genes control the ingress of nicotine into the brain cells that will lead to cancer. Research is underway to develop a genetic screen for the CHRNA5 variant. I believe smoking can be controlled by humans themselves rather than drugs or anything else. Nothing is impossible. We have to believe in the power of our soul and life. It is a beautiful world around you and you don't want to be in a hurry to leave. If you don't want to stop smoking atleast quit for your loved ones. Life is very short but love is eternal.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

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The demand for networking professionals is sky high and the industry is in search of qualified and certified people. The IT sector needs people who have undergone quality training program in a reputed network like Cisco. Getting Cisco certification is imperative to advance in your career. If you are tired of being neglected by companies and wish to work in top IT companies then you got to earn yourself a certificate from Cisco. Cisco certification is not only for the unemployed, people working in the IT domain also can benefit from Cisco. Cisco is the leading organization in the networking field and they have a legacy of training the best minds in the business.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tamilnadu Government Colour Television

Tamilnadu Government run by DMK promised a portable colour television for all in their election manifesto. The DMK government fulfilled its proposal for the people living in T.Nagar today. I received the free 14 inch color television today from the government. A couple of months ago we were asked for photocopies of our ration cards to register for the offer. From that they prepared a list of eligible candidates based on the address proof. Yesterday the party workers came to my house with list and verified my details and after finding my Father's name in the list they handed us a token. The next day we were asked to collect our television set from a corporation school nearby. I went to the school today and showed my token and ration card to the authorities. They marked something in the ration card on the last page and availed me the television set. After some difficulty carrying it home I landed the TV in my house and switch it on. To my delight the system was in perfect working condition and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Some of my neighbours found their names missing from the list. But the councilor assured them that they can also get the TV sets by bringing their ration card and xerox copy directly to the delivery centre. I later found that they had no difficulties in claiming their television sets. Some people had problems with their television sets malfunctioning and I was told that they were replaced immediately. Anyway we are fortunate to have received the television sets and lets hope the government will dispatch them to all Thamizhans very soon.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Browsing centres put on alert

In the aftermath of terror attacks in Bangalore and Ahmedabad the country is on red alert. Following the email threats to attack major cities in India the browsing centres here in Chennai are asked to stay vigilant. The Police have asked all the internet centres in the city to capture the visitors using web cameras. The browsing centres are supposed to note down the full name and address of visitors in a register and also make it available to the cops when the situation arises. They must not permit anyone without a valid ID card to browse the web. All the threat emails have been sent from a proxy server and so the browsing centre owners must monitor the users and report any suspicious visitor to the police immediately. The internet centres are also asked to remove any wooden or glass partitions or cabins and make sure that every operation is transparent and clearly visible.

The government is not taking any chances regarding security. The Government is also insisting on cars to use High Security Number Plates (HSNP) which utilizes GPS technology to track the culprits down rapidly when the car is being stolen before they could engage themselves in any malicious activities.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Acne Medicine Review

Adolescents around the world suffer from acne problem and most of them find it hard to control them. Some of you might have even spent a lot of money trying to find a cure. zyporex is a new natural acne scrub and facial cleanser. This new medicine is slowly gaining popularity. But there are already two top brands namely Acnexus and Juliet’s Clean and Smooth who have dominated the market for the past 5years. Therefore there is a need to learn about the pros and cons of this new product. has reviewed the product and has presented an elaborate article describing the merits and the demerits of the product. They have compared zyporex with the other two brands and have scrutinized the product making it easy for the user to understand the product completely. The reviews are unbiased and presented after extensive research. The product is analyzed about its technical aspects and reliability. You will also find the best acne treatments available on this website.

Smart Phone users beware

All you smart phone users who feel proud about your high speed internet connections think again. Hackers are making merry and are capable of remote controlling your mobile phones. Almost all the smart phones including Blackberry, iPhone, Windows mobile and other Symbian phones are vulnerable and could be hacked with a little bit of code and some slyness. Its not just data or identity theft alone as it was earlier. It doesn't even stop with unleashing viruses on the OS of your mobile phones. Modern day hackers can gain control of your mobile from a remote place to spy on you. The hacker starts by sending an SMS/MMS or a Bluetooth message to the user. If the user opens the message spyware gets installed in the phone quietly oblivious to the user. Now the hacker can send commands via SMS and access your phone through GPRS. The hacker can switch on/off your phone and its applications at will. They can tap into our private information exchange while making calls or sending SMS. They could even alter the text of your SMS before sending it to the recipient. The hacker has access to all the files in your mobile phone and caould switch on your camera and eavesdrop on your daily life activities.

Mobile users in the US are already suffering from more than 200 viruses and hackers are also rampant here in India. A few simple precautions can help you drive the hackers away. Enhance the security of your mobile devices with antivirus, firewall, anti-spam and data encryption technologies. Never try to open any anonymous messages in your inbox whatever it referred to. Prevention is always better than cure.

The gateway for your savings account

Today because of inflation the markets are in a volatile situation and we are in search of a safe yet profitable investment option. Opening a savings account in a bank that will provide high interest rates as well as better services is the best option right now. There are banks which provide you good return on your investments but finding them can be a tedious task indeed. So you are in need of a reliable source who can gather the information for you in one place. The website is the place to visit to seal a deal for you.

savings accounts are offered by many banks in US but every bank has different interest rates which fluctuate periodically. has tabulated the interest rates and performance of all leading banks in US by working in the background. The banks are rated according to their annual percentage yield (apy) and the profile of the bank is posted to let the user learn about the progress of the bank in the form of a graph. You can also find banks who are willing to provide you cash bonus offers for opening an account. Satisfied users have written about their experiences in the testimonials section. Now the time is ripe for opening savings accounts that will benefit you and your family in the long run.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Boeing 747 makes a miraculous landing

A Boeing 747-400 on its way from London to Australia made an emergency landing at Manila after a mid-air rupture that left a yawning hole in its fuselage. The Quantas Long-haul jumbo took off from Hong Kong at 9AM. The aircraft was gliding at a height of about 29,000 feet above the ground when a loud bang shuddered it in the sky. The flight had 346 passengers and 19 crew members onboard and fortunately no one was injured in the ordeal.

The hole was about 2m by 4m in size which is good enough for a small car to drive through. It was reported that there was a very large bang and debris flew all over the cabin. The oxygen masks dropped down from the ceiling and the passengers were puzzled about the bizarre incident. An investigation has been ordered to probe the accident to find out what hit the flight on air. The crew were very shrewd and performed the emergency procedures perfectly and did a wonderful job in bringing the flight under control. The passengers didn't panic and stayed calm but they were terror struck once they saw the gaping hole after disembarking. The pilot called the accident as "explosive decompression". One has to say that the passengers were very lucky and the credit must go to the crew members.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sachin set to break Lara's record

Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar is on the verge of creating a world record for the most runs scored by a batsman in Test cricket. He is just 172 runs short of Brian Lara's feat of 11,953 Test runs which he achieved in 131 matches at an average of 52.88. Looking at Sachin's current form it is almost certain that he will surpass the "Prince of Trinidad" in the ongoing Test series against Sri Lanka held at the Emerald Islands. Sachin has played cricket for nearly 18 long years and has broken numerous records in his journey. This record will be yet another feather in his cap who already holds the record for the most runs in one-dayers. Sachin has hit the largest number of centuries in world cricket and a lot more awaits the master. I personally believe that Sachin is a better one-day player than Lara and Lara is a better test player than Sachin. But Sachin and Lara will be the two greatest players in our era. Lara is one player who defied the coaching books and played every shot in his own style and elegance. On the other hand Sachin is the perfect role model for a youngster and all his shots are perfect and flawless. That is the beautiful thing about this world. Two men at the extreme ends have conquered the world and their legacy will be cherished forever.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Experience Contact lenses

Yesterday I met my friend after a long time and I was astonished to see him wearing a sunglass which I have never seen him wearing. I learnt that he has been wearing contact lenses since a couple of days and that he had irritations in his eye when dust particles came into contact. But hold on, he told me that he is just getting used to it and that he will feel comfortable after 2 or 3 days. Another friend of mine also had similar experience like this during his first week with tears always descending from his eyes but now he is feeling good and with ease.

Contact lenses are getting popular and are mandatory for some critical cases of eye defects like astigmatism and keratoconus. They are placed in the cornea of the eye and perform better than conventional spectacles. They are available in different forms according to their utility. Disposable lenses are safer because there is minimum chance of infections and are hygienic. Soft contact lenses are soothing on the eyes. Semi-soft lenses are prescribed for persons with high cylindrical power. These lenses are also available in different colors.

Maintaining your contact lenses needs a lot of attention and care. There are certain rules to be followed for using contact lenses safely. You should always wash your hands with soap and rinse with clean water before handling contact lenses. Clean the lenses using the given solution daily. Never forget to remove your lenses before going to sleep. Never use tap water, saline water or saliva to clean the lenses. Seek medical attention in case of red eyes or irritation. It is always good to have spare conventional glasses to give your eyes some rest from contact lenses. And as always do consult your Ophthalmologist once a year for healthy vision and happy life...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Navigation tribulation

The world is humming the GPS tunes and it has ensured that the probability of one getting lost is minimum. Every new gadget released nowadays is endowed with a piece of this technology. Companies like Nokia have realized the importance of this and have come up with a series of navigation phones making use of Nokia maps.

The idea of incorporating maps in a mobile phone to assist in navigation is glamorous but there is a demand to develop the underlying infrastructure here in a city like Chennai. There are certain issues to be settled before we can reap the benefits of navigation. Nokia maps can be downloaded free of cost from the nokia website and every map is nearly 2.5MB in size. The biggest drawback in using them is that they can be accessed only through GPRS and the cost of subscribing to GPRS facility may not be affordable to everyone. Every service provider looks at this as an opportunity to make more money. Adding to this the bandwidth offered by mobile service providers is very limited in the 800-1500MHz range which may not allow fast internet access unlike foreign countries which provide services in the 3.2GHz band. Users also complain that they could not receive incoming calls while they are using the navigation system. Another flaw in this is the voice recognition system which Nokia is working on for adapting to the Indian way of pronunciation.

On the brighter side the nokia maps have a handful of information about hotels, ATMs, hospitals, petrol bunks, etc... Things can only get better from here. But at the moment navigation is an expensive venture to a normal citizen here in Chennai.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My UPSC experience

Indian Engineering Services examination for the year 2008 was held on June 7th, 8th and 9th. I wrote the exam at a centre named The Hindu Higher Secondary school in Triplicane Chennai. It was a grueling experience attending all the exams over the three days in the scorching heat of summer in Chennai. The response to the exam in my centre was not encouraging. Only one-third of the total number of candidates turned up on the first day and the numbers reduced in the next couple of days. Many candidates came from other districts of Tamilnadu and some of them were from Kerala, Andhra and Karnataka.

On the first day I had General Ability Test for two hours. Half of the questions were from English and the remaining are general Knowledge questions. The next day was composed of two sessions with technical objective questions. I'm from Electronics and communication branch and there were lots of questions from circuits, electron basics, devices, DSP, microwaves and controls systems. I was a bit surprised that there was very few questions from antenna and virtually no questions from networking, mobile communications and wireless systems. The next day was very boring and tiresome. Two sessions of three hours each consisted of theory questions which could never be answered without good preparation. At the end of the exams I felt I could have done better but I knew I didn't prepare well. Next time may be I will put up a better show.

3G iphone - Dream Machine

Apple has unveiled its new brand of iphones which will work on third generation mobile technology. 3G technology will change the way we look at mobile phones. From high speed internet browsing, music, gaming and multimedia to real time true GPS data availability the Apple 3G iphones will be a big deal in the near future.

Apple has reduced the price of the equipment substantially relative to the 2G model phones but they will be available for sale only in Apple and AT&T outlets..These phones are the perfect blend of a phone, ipod and a fast internet device. The phone supports several features like MS Exchange, App Store and email services. The phone has the capability to get GPS information directly from the satellites and this information is very useful for routing and calculating the distances. The phone will be compatible for some third party applications and will also be available in white color this time.

As far as we in India are concerned things are looking bleak. The 3G auction has to be completed first and then the necessary infrastructure has to be developed. 3G phones bought from other countries will have most of their applications not working at all. Even the original 2G model iphones will be officially released in India by September only. Apple has signed a deal with Vodafone and Airtel to land in India smoothly. The Indians might feel left out of the technology race unless the government comes up with something special.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Its time for Nokia N78

Nokia has launched its brand new model of the Nseries multimedia specific phones the N78 in India. The N78 is an all-rounder with a fusion of some amazing features like navigational capability, photography and music.

What makes it different from the other models of Nseries is that it has a "location Tagger" application which will enable the users to tag both the time and place to a picture. The N78 works with the integration of Assisted-GPS and Nokia Maps to identify the geographic position of the phone. The phone has a 3.2 Megapixel camera which has lens from Carl Zeiss optics. The phone comes with a 8GB microSD card for adequate memory. The sound is good with both the mp3 and FM. The phone has support for both wireless LANs and the 3G technology - High Speed Downlink Packet Access which enables high speed browsing. The N78 also has access to online support like Nokia Music Store, Internet Radio etc.. The phone has no IR port but has a microUSB 2.0 port and runs on Symbian OS. N78 weighs about 101.8 grams and has the dimensions of 113 x 49 x 15.1 mm, 76.5 cc. The phone supports both GPRS and EDGE technologies.The phone is priced at at a cost of twenty thousand rupees in Indian market. The next model N96 is also expected to hit the markets soon.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Opera Mobile 9.5

The new HTC Touch Diamond phone has Opera Mobile 9.5 as the web browser which has attracted several people. The company believes that the Opera browser will do much better than Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Opera Mobile 9.5 gives you a browsing experience which is very close to browsing on your desktop.

Many believe that the browser has more features than the Safari browser used in iphones. The Safari browser was lauded initially but it had its own downside which had difficulty in downloading files and didn't support certain file types on the web. The new Opera mobile browser has the capability to display the full version of web pages rather than the compressed WAP pages. The browser allows you to zoom in and out by taping on the particular portion of the web page and lets you scroll up and down the page with the help of your fingers. It allows you to open new pages as tabs within a single browser window. The browser lets you store web pages enabling you to work off line and reduce your GPRS bills. It has an inherent downloader software and enables you to cut and paste text from web pages to text editor. Some additional features are MMS and dialing any phone number on a web page.

Despite all these features the browser is not the fastest and it is designed for touch screen devices which run on Windows Mobile 6. We would have to wait and see whether it will be available for older model phones and symbian phones. This software is not a freeware unlike Opera Mini and is still not commercially available. This little genius could well be released in a few weeks time.

Bill Gates says no more mouse

Microsoft Corporation is working on a system that will eliminate the usage of the computer mouse inorder to interact with the computer. The genius believes that the way we interact any electronic system will change radically over the next couple of years. Input devices like the keyboard and mouse will no longer be necessary to control your system.

The future computers will be equipped with voice recognition systems and touch sensitive screens making it more user-friendly and time conserving. All these new systems will be embedded in the Microsoft Windows 7 software which will be released in 2010. Windows 7 users can input commands to the system by touching the screen with their fingers rather than using the mouse or the keyboard which is the predominant practice since the seventies. Microsoft is keen on moving towards the touch screen technology after the success of the technology with Apple's iphones. The number of touch screen devices is going up day by day such as in mobile phones, satellite navigators, PDAs and in remote control. Recently Microsoft has also introduced a few touch screen products and also has successfully demonstrated the "Touchable Paint" application.

Both voice recognition and touch screen technologies require precision and accuracy which are complex to develop. But the technology has grown and capable to predict and detect the correct input and neglect the accidental ones. For a person like me who types at the speed of a snail these advancements will be more than useful.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

3D Indiana - Virtual Human Body

The combination of the world of medical and engineering has produced a marvel which will revolutionize the approach of the doctors. A team of medical experts and engineers in Kerala have introduced a 3 dimensional virtual human body named as 3D Indiana which could replace cadavers in medical colleges. The 3D Indiana is an exact replica of our human body and resembles all tissues and organs in our body.

This project took more than 3 years to complete and fifteen professionals have worked together in bringing out this wonder. This simulation tool is considered better than the 1986 model developed in US called Visible Human Body Project. The application is completely user friendly and matches the human body in all respects. The model is carefully sculpted after complete research and study from various real time surgeries, scans and text books. All the doctors who had an opportunity to work with this software are extremely delighted and have rendered their support for this creation. Infact this virtual body will be more visible and accessible from a surgeon's point of view than a cadaver. The product will be very useful in performing robotic surgeries and will assist in precisely locating the position of the particular part or organ. The positioning system is based on the principle of 'volumetric anatomy' which uses three intersecting axes to locate the organ based on mathematical calculations. Even the smallest bone in the human body called stapes could be identified and operated upon using this model.

The virtual human model will pioneer new inventions and provide a conceptual platform for students and scientists to work on. The next development would be to introduce new pathogens into the virtual body and explore the possible treatment options. This invention is without a speckle of doubt is a landmark feat in the field of medicine and good times will follow soon.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Learning from the Royals

Starting the tournament as underdogs the Rajasthan Royals could well be the favorites to win the title of Indian Premier League. They aren't in this position because lady luck has favored them but because of the hard work and confidence of the boys led by an astute captain cum coach called Shane Warne. The most important thing that we should learn from the success of this team is that we should always be happy with whatever resources available to us and make the maximum use of it.

Leadership is an art and Warne has mastered it turning a bunch of talented youngsters into match winners. Today teams like the Royal Challengers and Kolkata Knight Riders are blaming the selection issues and lack of infrastructure for their lackluster show in the tournament and neither the captain nor the coach has assumed responsibility for the poor show. Shane Warne was presented with a team on which the owners didn't even spend their full money in the auction. But he accepted his team with both hands and didn't complain. Now they are leading the table. This is what a person should learn in his life of adapting yourself to any situation and come out successfully rather than blaming it on the lack of resources. Every individual should be content with his life and keep trying to achieve more.

A good leader should always be ahead of his team and Warne has been a source of inspiration not only for his team but also the millions watching his team in action. A word of caution though at this point for the Rajasthan Royals with lots of youngsters in their team, they may get tense and fail in the big matches. The seniors in the team must continue to guide the juniors for the big matches coming up. Lets wish all the best for the Royals....!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Eligibility Blues for Engineering Graduates

Today everyone talks about the IT boom and the demand for software professionals but the bottom line is most of the students are not eligible to apply for a job in most of the top notch IT companies. Almost all the top software companies are obdurate on a minimum aggregate of 70% for a B.E student to be eligible inorder to apply for a job.

The sad thing is nearly 35% of the 1,09,784 graduates from 272 Engineering Colleges surveyed by Nandini Voice for the deprived are not eligible to apply for placement. All these colleges surveyed are affiliated to the Anna University. Nandini Voice for the deprived is a NGO which helps the poor and the needy. Even from my own experiences I have seen HRs from various companies talk about the supply of quality engineers being less than the demand. A few companies have relaxed their rules in recent years allowing up to two arrears but you must possess good communication skills to have any chance of getting selected. I have seen students from rural areas struggle with their English language skills and eventually end up in lesser paid jobs. I think it is the responsibility of every college to train its students on communication skills. Every student must understand the need for good communication skills in an environment which requires teamwork and coordination. But above all this you have to perform well in your academics and get rid of your arrears to stay in the race.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Messaging sharpens your language skills???

Nowadays parents are concerned about their child's English thanks to the SMS and instant messaging services available online. They feel the usage of shorthand language online might ruin their vocabulary and grammar. But a recent study suggests that messaging actually helps in honing their language skills thereby improving their creative ability.

Some of the words popular among the online people are LOL (laugh out loud), OMG (oh my god) TTYL (talk to you later) and most importantly "you" has shrunk to "u". But experts feel that its similar to the difference between how we speak in a conference and to our close buddy. Also the proportion of these fancy words used is very meagre nearly 3% of the estimated 1.5 million IM words used online. Everything is for good only and it lends flexibility and dynamic capabilities to your child for adjusting to any kind of situations. This is the first ever survey on this topic and so the results could be speculative. But atleast the parents can relax and stop worrying about their children as of now.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pregnant Women and Children Beware of Mobile Phones

A recent research has shown some stunning stats regarding mothers using mobile phones during pregnancy and their children affected by behavioural and emotional problems. A study by UCLA reveals the fact that pregnant ladies using mobile handsets just twice or thrice a day is good enough to produce hyperactivity and leads to their children suffering from certain abnormalities. The probability of women using mobile phones having children with behavioural problems is fifty four percent which is alarming. The Russian radiation committee has also warned about the possible hazards of mobile phone usage by both pregnant women and children. The risks are much larger when the children below 7 years of age themselves use mobile phones for communication.

GSM mobile phones operate in the 890-915 MHz band for the reverse link and 935-960 MHz for the forward link with a peak power output of 2W. The radiation fields from the mobile phones is said to penetrate only a couple of centimetres into the skin but it can influence the amount of melatonin hormone which controls sleep that is passed to the unborn via the placenta. The risks increase with the amount of mobile phone usage and radiation exposure. Much of the results have been based on surveys and study and there is vey little absolute proof on the effects of radiation. Still a lot of extensive research has to be done to explore the potential dangers of radiation. But then as they say that there is no smoke without fire I feel it is always better to prevent ourselves rather than searching for the cure after the damage has been done. All future fathers please protect your loved ones from these perils to lead a happy healthy life.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Top Private Engineering Colleges in Chennai

This is that time of the year when parents go in search of the best Engineering College for their wards. I feel I can provide some assistance in your quest for a quality college for your children. Myself being an Engineering student who just passed out I hope my thoughts will be valuable to you. I have gone to several engineering colleges across the city to participate in several competitions and symposiums. So I feel I can share my experiences with you.

Let me start with the Jeppiar institutions. I think every college owned by Jeppiar has excellent infrastructure facilities. St.Joseph's College is one the best in my view and this college produces a large number of toppers in Anna Univ exams in recent years and also excels in sports. Panimalar is also a beautiful college with outstanding facilities and faculties. They say all Jeppiar Colleges are strict but you can be completely assured that your ward will get his placement before he completes his degree. The food is exemplary in all his colleges. SSN college of Engineering is undisputedly the first choice college to opt for with excellent academic performance and produces highly successful students.The next college coming to my mind is Crescent Enginerering College. This college has evolved into one of the best in the city. It has a wonderful campus and ideally situated at Vandalur. Campus Placements are very good with almost all the eligible students getting placement. Velamaal Engineering college is another strict college but the quality of education and the number of students getting placement is outstanding. Meenakshi Sundarajan Engineering college is another wonderful college located within the city at Kodambakam and all top companies visit this college. SVCE will always remain one of the top colleges in the city and has continued to excel in all departments. Sairam Engineering College has carved a niche among the top colleges and keeps on improving day by day.

Among the Deemed Universities S.R.M and Sathyabama are the best. The other colleges of S.R.M group like Valliamai and Easwari Engineering college are also good. Some of the other colleges coming to my mind are Jerusalem Engineering college, Hindustan Engineering college and AIHT. These are the best colleges in the city according to me to the best of my knowledge. Any college that has not figured in this list might also qualify for the top slot but not in my view. This article is entirely my personal opinion based on my own experiences and not meant to hurt anyone studying in other colleges. I wish you all the best..........

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

To Tirunelveli and Back

Last week I went on an urgent official trip to Tirunelveli. No ticket was available for reservation in Train and I was forced to take the road. I landed in Koyambedu private buses complex and not even a single seat was available in any of the main travels. There was a special bus to Tirunelveli and I had no other option but to take it. Later I learnt that they collected different money from different type of people according to their urgency.

They say it takes 12 hours to Tirunelveli by road but then times have changed now thanks to the increasing traffic and poor plight of the roads. It took me 15.30 hours to reach Tirunelveli and on my way back it took 14.30 hours which is well above the estimated time. Really it was hell to sit inside the bus for so many hours in the scorching heat. In several places between Chennai and Tirunelveli the roads are being relaid and expanded and also some bridges are under construction. The Hotels on the way are worse and there is no hope of getting a quality food on the way. Its a bit of an eerie feeling when you get glued to your seat for so long with no room to strech yourself. Atlast the bus entered Tirunelveli and there was a big debate among the passengers whether to go to the new bus stand or the older one both a couple of miles apart I guess. I landed in the new bus stand and it was a beautiful one. The infrastructure was good and it had good facilities for the passengers. During my return back home I had to face the same old problems but it was slightly comforting because I selected an air conditioned bus to travel. My horrible journey came to end.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


The word Cure seems to be an antonym of Allergy and Asthma at least in my dictionary. Only an Asthma patient can understand the sufferings of another Asthma patient. The medical fraternity still hasn't found a permanent remedy for this fatal disease. The theme for this year's Asthma Day is "You Can Control Your Asthma" and this is reminiscent of the fact that Asthma cannot be cured.

No Doctor in this world is ashamed of the fact that they still haven't found a cure for Common Cold and Flu. Know why? They are viral diseases and the Doctor gives you the illusion that you feel better by prescribing antipyretics,analgesics and antibiotics. Antipyretics bring down your body temperature, the analgesic is a pain reliever and the antibiotic prevents you from infections. After a specific period of time the virus activity recedes from your body naturally and the Doctors take credit for a natural phenomenon.

If this is the case for cough and flu imagine Asthma which is much more complex to analyze and find a cure. Allergies are triggered when dust particles come in contact with your respiratory system which results in Histamine secretion and this aggravates in to respiratory infections,rhinitis,bronchitis,sinsitis and much more sufferings. Most of the persons with allergy and asthma suffer from wheezing and asthma attacks. Even though in modern times Inhalers can assist in reducing the magnitude of the attack the solution to finding a perfect cure seems impossible. Allergy shots or immunotherapy still doesn't present a concrete evidence of a cure for Asthma or Allergy.

Today everyone is proud about about laparoscopy,heart transplants,laser surgeries,etc which are more physical in the sense that everything you operate upon is visible to you but very few are prepared to take up challenges in areas like cancer,asthma,diabetes and much more diseases which require imaginative ability,vision,lateral thinking and iterative processing to come up with creative ideas to find a long term cure for these diseases. The medical researchers easily escape by citing reasons such as lack of human testing platform and other difficulties to test their ideas. On the other side just take a look at how the Electrical Engineering domain has grown over the years even providing assistance to Doctors and an electrical engineer has not even seen the current or voltage with his physical eyes. Everything is imaginary but the growth is exceptional. I think the medical domain needs some serious rethinking to be done in the way they approach a disease. But its easier said than done. At the moment we have to be content with the illusions provided by our so called Doctors.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Lifestyle Diseases on the rise in India

The unhealthy lifestyle of professionals and businessmen has resulted in an increase in the number of lifestyle diseases like obesity, heart diseases, osteoporosis, cancer and many more chronic disorders which may demand lifetime medications. In modern days people work for 8-10 hours a day and spend most of the time inside a building away from the natural surroundings. They go to work before sunrise and return back during night living in an artificial environment everyday.

A majority of the employees suffer from Vitamin D deficiencies due to lack of exposure to sunlight. They remain hooked to their desktops remaining stationary for longer periods developing vision problems and muscular disorders. In modern times food habits have changed a lot and several diseases like obesity, blood pressure, ulcer, diabetes etc can be attributed to the faulty diet practices of the people. These diseases apart from reducing your life span makes you live a turbulent life. The people's earnings will be vastly affected by chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes and respiratory diseases which are long term life long diseases.

Reports suggest that India will incur a loss of $237 billion by 2015 because of these lifestyle diseases. The quality of labour and their efficiency will drop considerably as a result of these diseases. The number of people affected by these diseases increases day by day dangerously but these diseases can be prevented or controlled by proper planning and following simple hygiene routines. Sometimes the urge to earn more and the passion for our work may make us blind to our degree of vulnerability to these diseases. Its high time that we wake up to this new challenge and redeem ourselves by following a healthy lifestyle and taking in nutritious diet.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Miserable Roads of Madipakkam

Yesterday me and my friend hit the roads of Madipakkam in my friend's bike to visit another friend's home. As we reached an area called Kannan Nagar our bike got punctured.We were left stranded near the Lifeline Hospital. Fortunately we had a mechanic shop nearby and brought the man to fix the tyre. After analyzing the tyre he brought out an eight inch long sharp iron rod from the tyre. We got the tyre repaired and got back home.

Actually these things happen on roads but the point I'm trying to say is not just about the dangerous elements strewn on the roads but also about poor maintenance of the roads. Its always a roller coaster ride to drive on Madipakkam roads and the terrain of the land is such that at some places you have to ride up and down the road. Last year my friend had an accident riding his bicycle down a ditch that took him completely by surprise. He had a broken jaw and fractured his hand. Madipakkam is one of the worst affected areas during rainy days with water entering almost every house bringing along with it snakes, frogs and other little creatures. The roads get washed away by the rains and only traces remain. Madipakkam deserves better roadways for safe travelling and better riding experience. Madipakkam is a beautiful place with wonderful people. It is ideally situated and every important place in the city can be reached quickly from here. I guess the railways are also working to extend train facilities to Madipakkam. Things are looking up for Madipakkam and now its up to th residents there to unify and fight for their rights to develop the infrastructure in Madipakkam.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Today I had TCS medical checkup at Lifeline Multi Speciality Hospital in Perungudi,Chennai. I attended my interview on July 3,2007 and today I completed my medical checkup and awaiting my results.

It all started in the morning and we were asked to assemble in the Hospital by 7.30AM with an empty stomach and a full bladder.The first step is to fill out a form that will be provided to you in exchange for the xerox copy of the front page of your offer letter.Blood samples were taken from our body in the lab and you will be asked to wait for the Ultrasound Scan.Once the scan was taken you can head to the toilet for your Urine sample.Then an X-ray was taken and a master health check up was done.After this an ECG was taken and we headed to Madipakkam for our dental and eye checkup.That is it the medical checkup is over...

Thursday, April 17, 2008


It is that time of the year when final year engineering students in Chennai throng the project centers for their project kits. It’s a part of the engineering course to do a project in final year as a symbol of what you have learnt all these four years. But most of the students think the other way. They see it as the final hurdle in getting a B.E certificate and go for the easier way of getting it done from a project center. The project centers on the other hand utilize the innocence of the students and demand money which is well in excess of the actual cost of making it. One of my friends was charged a mammoth Rs.18, 000 for a project that was not even worth Rs.1000.

Looking from the student’s perspective the project is simply a bizarre experience. I have seen intellectual students struggle to finish their project due to lack of experience. Doing projects on their own they spend a lot of time and money in deciding the apt components and also testing them. Few people are blessed with good guides for their projects. Spare a thought for the not so studious guys. How do you expect a person who has arrears and is not so brilliant in understanding the concepts to do a project on his own? He naturally runs to a project center.

This is a precarious situation and should be dealt with carefully. Project centers shouldn’t be allowed to flourish. Rather the Government can take the initiative to allow the students to carry out their project work in Government entities. A suitable fee can also be collected which could be utilized in the interest of the Nation. Electrical engineers can be allowed to do the wiring process in an electric train, Mechanical engineers can be utilized in automobile units and so on. But this requires supervision and training. Its hard to implement these but never impossible. The meritorious students can be put in research labs and asked to come up with solutions. Its easier said than done but there has to be some action taken at some point of time to stop the unfair business done by the project centers. I hope someone understands what I’m trying to say…

Monday, April 14, 2008

Remix Numbers are killing the Spirit of Music

The number of remix songs in Tamil Cinema is increasing day by day and a few of them are getting the hit status as well. This is not a healthy situation. There is a soul inside every song and you would be hurting it in the name of remix. I don't understand the need for altering a song which has already conquered the hearts of people. Why not the music directors remix a song which is not famous and make it a big hit. But every music director picks up songs that was a huge hit in yesteryears and remix it purely for commercial intentions. I'm not a music expert but all I can see in a remix song is that the Tempo has been increased and a few dog barks are added. Even a child can do that but the music director takes credit.

The people are innocent and not bothered at all. They hear whatever comes their way and just don't care. But they have to understand that this is nothing more than cheap market tactics. Every good song is a symbol depicting the hard work of a composer which deserves respect and an untouched place in history. You just can't take it away and remodel it just like an old car. Music has life and it is for eternity. Its high time the composers understand the feelings of true music lovers and stop deceiving the vulnerable with their dirty tricks.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Ferrari SpA, the sports car masters have set 2010 as the target for entering the Indian market. The Italian company was already reported to be introduced in India by 2008 but now they have delayed it by a couple of years simply because of the fact that they want to extend their reputation in India by setting up a good infrastructure network prior to their launch in india. They believe in customer satisfaction and so we can expect a few promotional events in India in the following years.

The Fiat SpA Company owns 85% of the Ferrari company and is currently involved in a joint venture with Tata Motors Ltd in India.India is the new star attraction for foreign investors and Ferrari don't want to miss out either.In a country where it is already well known thanks to the heroics of Schumacher and the viewership of Formula One racing here, promoting their products will never be a big agenda.But the challenge will lie in delivering their cars at compatible price levels which may not go well with the makers.Ferrari are presently doing a promotional tour in India called The Magic India Discovery Drive covering major cities.It is a fact that Ferrari will not be affordable for a large section of the Indian population.But just can't wait to see the scarlet sedans sizzle on Indian roads....

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